Greatness By Another Name – 1965 ASA 1000 GT

Though ASA remains a name known only to knowledgeable vintage car aficionados, just below its surface lay names like Ferrari, Bizzarini, Guigiaro and Bertone. In 1961, Enzo Ferrari decided to attack the automotive marketplace with a smaller, less expensive sports car and tapped Giotto Bizzarini to design the car. Bizzarini followed Ferrari conventions and designed a car with a tubular frame, live rear axle, four wheel disc brakes and center-lock wheels. The engine, too, was much like a Ferrari 12 cylinder in terms of bore, stroke and layout, with the biggest exception being the reduced size of just four cylinders that were arranged in-line. Guigiaro, working for Bertone, designed the steel and aluminum body in the best of the Ferrari tradition with a stylish and low front end and a sweeping, fastback roofline. The prototype proved to be fast and exceptionally well balanced. Then Enzo changed his mind and sold the plans to Autocostruzioni Societa per Azioni, or ASA, who manufactured the car. They didn’t make many, however, as the $6,000 purchase price was astronomical in 1965 and, as a result, cars like this example are now very rare finds. The seller indicates that this car enjoyed a restoration 20 years ago and has been kept in careful storage since then. The car has recently been serviced and appears to be ready for both road and show field. Paint and bodywork appear to be in fine condition and the four-cylinder engine is a beauty to behold. ASAs may not have the greatest name recognition, but there’s no denying the brilliant minds that brought the 1000 GT to life. Find the ASA for sale here on eBay in Burbank California with a Buy-It-Now price of $119,000.

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