Little Car Needs Lots of Work – 1957 Fiat 600 Multipla

frontThe new Fiat Multipla that thankfully left us in 2010 finishes near the top of several “ugliest car ever made” lists, but the original Multipla version of the Fiat 600 was actually a charming, if odd, little machine. The old car sat the driver pretty much right over the front axle, which allowed it to seat six people at least somewhat comfortably, so it’s no wonder that in Italy during the ’60s Multiplas decked out as taxis were a common sight. Propelled by a 633 cc motor making 22 horsepower, it was a pokey little car, but what it lacked in performance it made up for in utility and certainly character. Today, there is a serious and active microcar community, even here in the States, and there’s a fairly serious market for them as well.

This particular little Fiat, located in Prescott, Arizona, is obviously one that’s seen better days. Last on the road in 1979, it has benefitted from the dry desert climate in that it didn’t rot away as it sat, but it has been outside this whole time. No “barn find” here. It is cool, though, and somewhat complete. The engine is out and disassembled, but the seller claims that all the components are there. The rear bumper is missing, and surely plenty of other things are too. While the necessary parts are going to be easier to find than those on some of the more obscure microcars out there, that doesn’t mean that this project won’t be a huge headache.

A decently restored 600 Multipla sold recently at RM’s Weiner Microcar sale for a hammer price of $57,500, so there are buyers out there who want these things. But a big time restoration? That’s a bit of a thinker, and the asking price isn’t exactly a steal, either. You never know who’s out there itching for a Fiat project, though, so it may very well get snagged pretty quickly. At least it won’t take up much room in the shop.

Check out the 1957 Fiat 600 Multipla here on eBay, where the “Buy It Now” price is set at $4,650.


  1. David Blackledge says:

    This still for sale?

  2. Rick Banel says:

    Back in the late 60s/early 70s Wedge’s Auto Wrecking near Woodinville, WA had a Multipla (not running, of course) out in front and filled right up to the interior ceiling with old rims – was great for storage, but not much to look at, the modern equivalent (in terms of desirability) would be something on the order of a 1988 Renault Alliance station wagon.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Edd China, where are you when we (or at least this little Multipla) need you? Ok, we need you a little bit, too…?

  4. Rod Corraini says:

    The Fiat Multipla that Fiat quit making in 2010 was wonderful and innovative. A glass shop in Nanaimo, British Columbia, Canada had one from the 1950’s(not the 2000’s that I’m praising) under restoration about a decade ago. It was in all of the local papers.

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