Tantalizing Targa – 1968 Porsche 911L Targa

911 L convertible soft windowNot long after Porsche introduced the 911, they realized that an open version of the car would be a necessary addition to the lineup. There was some disagreement within the company as to what form the open 911 would take on, but the 911 Targa that was introduced in 1967 eventually proved to be a hit. The distinguishing feature of the original Targa was its exposed, brushed stainless-steel roll-bar, designed to maintain the lateral rigidity that had been given by the roof. The unmistakable roll-bar, stamped “targa” on each side, also allowed for Porsche to call the open 911 “the world’s first safety convertible.” Targas were initially available with a plastic rear window, and the car featured here, located in Gaylordsville, Connecticut, is a rare 911L “soft window” Targa.

This restored, matching numbers 911 is rare for several reasons and would be a worthy addition to a collection. The 911L was given to the American market in 1968 as the top-level 911 since the 911S was not available for U.S. customers that year. Less than 500 911L’s are thought to have been made. A minority of these were Targas, and less had the optional soft rear window, which had a reputation for shrinking in cold weather. Added to this rare configuration is the stunning condition of this vehicle. A long-time California car, it was restored three years ago, and supposedly all of the soft window components were replaced in the process. Some of the cars from this period were fitted with Porsche’s semi-automatic “Sportmatic” transmission, but thankfully this one has the trusty five-speed.

This car has the right things to make it worth a bit more than some of its contemporaries. Its condition and included certificate of authenticity also make it a safer and more appealing buy. Targas were never the most graceful cars, or the most graceful Porsches for that matter, but that was never the point. It was a popular, interesting model in the Porsche lineup, and this is a very fine example.

Check out the 1968 Porsche 911L Targa here on eBay, where the reserve is not yet met at $80,100.

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