Incomplete Outlaw – 1957 Porsche 356A Coupe

It’s not exactly breaking news that a lot of classic car values have shot way up over the last few years, but this is especially true of 356 Porsches. You could buy a lightly used and fairly recent 911 for what some of the roughest 356s are going for. This project 1957 356A Coupe out of Braselton, Georgia is a good example. What is tempting about it, however, is that although it’s currently apart, it’s also a project that has been started and it is also a clean, straight example. A lot of these that are candidates for restoration have their fair share of rust, especially around the suspension, floor pans and jacking points, but that’s not to be found on this one. Those painful steps have already been taken.

The seller had planned to do an Outlaw when he first acquired the car, so there are Fuchs wheels, disc brakes and a 912 motor that is out of the car. There is a period correct A motor as well but, alas, it is not the original one. Because of this unfortunate fact and due to what’s already there, you might as well continue down the Outlaw path toward a fast, loud and wild early Porsche, no?

Check out the 1957 Porsche 356A here on eBay, where the “Buy It Now” price is set at $54,000.


  1. Does somone have a race ready 1933-66 Griffith 400?

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