Runoff Ready – 1962 MG Midget

vintage racingThe smaller bore production classes in the SCCA can be great because they provide a great range of cars. All sorts of shapes, sizes, ages and countries of origin compete, and often cars from fifty years ago are still competitive (with some modern modifications) even today. It’s just very cool to think that you could be as competitive on a national level with a humble old Spridget as you would be with a much newer Miata or Honda CRX. And with this car out of Missouri, you very well could be.

Prepped by Huffaker Engineering (yes, that Huffaker), this 1962 MG Midget has been a high finisher in both F-Production and H-Production. It is represented as being set up for H-Production currently, and has a 1275 motor, limited slip differential, adjustable shocks and two sets of Jongbloed wheels. It also comes with a dry sump tank which, if refitted, will apparently put the car back into F-Production or the GTL class.

But while the Midget may be a humble little car, there is nothing humble or little about the price here. It’s a proven competitor and the Huffaker connection is worth something, but $42k is far from the cheapest way to go racing. Vintage racing one of these would cost a fraction of that, and other H-Production racers are not this steep. More car and more fun can both be had for this much, but this seller does happen to be taking offers.

Check out the 1962 MG Midget here on eBay, where the “Buy It Now” price is set at $42,500 and open to offers.


  1. Rollie Langston says:

    Race to play or race to win. Top notch engineering, appears to be superbly built with all the right stuff, and proven racing provenance. If wisely spent, finishing order is usually determined by dollars invested. Podiums cost money, simple as that.

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