Itty Bitty Bimmer – 1963 BMW 700 Coupe

We’re usually talking about Volkswagens when the subject of small German rear-engined automobiles comes up, but from 1959 to 1965 BMW of all companies had one of their own called the 700. An economical but attractive little thing, it gave BMW a sales boost when their bank account needed it most, with almost 200,000 of them churned out before BMW stopped producing tiny cars once and for all. The replacement for the Isetta-derived 600, the 700 featured a 697 cc flat-twin enlarged from the R67 motorcycle, four-speed gearbox, steel monocoque structure, and either coupe, convertible, or roomier sedan bodywork.

This 1963 example out of Miami is not only one of the only 700s you’ll find here in North America, it is also probably one of the very nicest. The seller, who also has another red 700 for sale, brought the cars over from Holland (although this car has French plates) and claims to be the second owner of this single-carb 32-horsepower example. It is also represented as numbers matching and was completely and properly restored from the ground up. These cars can be as affordable as they are adorable, but the reserve on this one seems like it might be a bit high. On the other hand, where else are you going to find one this nice?

Check out the 1963 BMW 700 Coupe here on eBay, where the reserve is not yet met at $15,000.


  1. miguel angel says:

    very nice like all BMW appearance, but much discussed reliability …
    in this category of vehicles, many will macanicamente and solidity exceeded

  2. Joe Dunlap says:

    I remember seeing a couple of these racing at the Pensacola Naval Air Station road course around 1961-1962(?). I went over from Mobile, Ala. specifically to see Jim Hall and his Chaparral run.

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