Retired Racer – 1964 MGB Project

MG built over 510,000 examples of the MGB Roadster and GT, making it the top selling British sports car ever. It was cheap, fun and easy on the eyes. It was the Miata of the ’60s. The B was a popular choice for the track, too, and it remains popular to this day. Thanks to the high number of cars to choose from and the relatively high availability of parts, it’s a perfect starter car for people just venturing into classic car ownership as well as for those taking the plunge into vintage racing. As with any such car, though, it pays to know what you want, whether it be turn-key ready or a big project.

Put away twenty years ago, this MGB Roadster out of Thousand Oaks, California has seen better days. It is advertised as a ’64, but has the unfortunate-looking 1970s-style rubber bumpers and later wheels, plus obvious mods like the flared fenders and air dam. It does come with spares including a milder engine and an extra gearbox, but this is still no insignificant project. Even after it gets running again after two decades of dormancy, it still won’t be pretty. If you want to go racing for cheap, get a Spec Miata. While it could be a bargain, this thing would have to be a labor of love. And it’s not an easy car to love.

Check out the 1964 MGB here on eBay, where the reserve is not yet met at $610.

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