Four Seats From France – 1966 Alpine A110 GT4

1966 Alpine A110 GT4Anyone who knows anything about rallying knows and probably loves the Alpine A110, the potent, usually blue rear-engined French machine that won the first ever World Rally Championship in 1973 and plenty of other events before that. What some may not know is that there was a 2+2 variant of the A110 called the GT4. Initially meant to be a version of the A108, it was given the running gear from an A110, meaning Renault engines that ranged in size from 1100 to 1600 cc. Less elegantly proportioned than the standard A110, the GT4 was nevertheless a charming little car, and this one out of Nerville la ForĂȘt, France is a particularly clean example.

An 1100 cc, 66 horsepower 1966 model, it looks used but clean top to bottom and is represented with 54,000 miles, and though the seller makes no mention of racing or rallying, it certainly looks the part. It’s even finished in the obligatory blue. A genuine Dieppe factory-built A110 is not something you see every day, and this one looks like it’s itching to get tossed around some rally stages.

Check out the 1966 Alpine A110 GT4 here on eBay, where the reserve is not yet met at $10,100.


  1. George Scott says:

    I am very interested if the car is still available

  2. I have alpine A 110 GT4 for sale need full restore.

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