Forgotten Frua – 1966 Glas 1700 GT

Glas got its start making farm machinery and may be best remembered for the hilariously named Goggomobil microcar, but they actually patented a technique  of using a belt to drive a camshaft. Struggling fellow German carmaker BMW was drooling over this technology, and bought Glas in 1966 to get their hands on it. Several BMWs of the mid to late-1960s are actually rebadged Glas designs. Glas retained a limited model range for a number of years before being completely absorbed by BMW, and some of the very last cars to wear a Glas badge were the 1300 and 1700 GT with delectable bodywork by Frua. Marketed primarily in Europe, the GT enjoyed a production run of about 5,000 cars and it is thought that only about 300 of these originally made it to the United States.

When this car came across the pond is a mystery, but it’s in California now and is a clear but salvageable mess. It’s mostly complete other than some odds and ends that will be a headache to find, and it deserves to be saved thanks to its importance to BMW history, its rarity and of course its irresistible good looks. This almost forgotten little German coupe would be a really rewarding project, and I can’t help but daydream about what color it would look good in.

Check out the 1966 Glas 1700 GT here on eBay, where bidding has reached $3,100.

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