Feisty Fiat – 1967 Abarth OTR 1000

fiatThe relationship between Fiat and Carlo Abarth was already well established and extremely fruitful by the mid-1960s when the OTR 1000 came into being. Based on the Fiat 850 Coupe, it was fitted with a special “radiale” engine displacing just under a liter, fitted with Weber carburetors, and making 100 horsepower. As usual, racing success was the aim of the new car, and OTR stood for Omologato Turismo Radiale. Unfortunately, the SCCA deemed it too heavily modified and too hot for its class, so the new Abarth was unable to do much on the American racing scene.

Because of this unfortunate exclusion not many OTR 1000s were built, which is a real shame because they are very well-proportioned little cars with tons of performance packed into such a small package. This example out of New York has a hill climb history in Pennsylvania from 1967 to 1970, then got into a road accident and sat for many years. After going through a few more owners, it was totally restored during 2005 and 2006 to the sum of more than $100,000, and has been used sparingly since. It’s a lovely, rare and well-designed automobile, but nobody should be expecting to make back all that money spent on restoration. That said, regardless of what the seller decides to take, it will be big money for a small car.

Check out the 1967 Abarth OTR 1000 here on eBay, where the “Buy It Now” price is set at $98,500 and the starting bid is set at $92,500 with no takers yet.


  1. anatoly arutunoff says:

    Could this be the ex-Alan Modny car for sale in his storage area in ’88 or so for $6k? I knew I should bought it instead of the Caterham with the 1275 engine and 58DCOE…Alan was a neat guy; he came thru Oklahoma to pick up a couple n.o.s. alloy Mog 4/4 wings. The car had been an ice racer in Scandinavia and was in perfect shape when I saw it.

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