A Different Kind of Cat – 1968 Kougar Roadster

jag xkKougar started building sports cars, usually Jaguar-based, in the late 1960s, and the company is actually still around today. They look a bit like some of the old HWM-Jags from the ’50s, but have more up to date ’60s mechanicals from the E-Type and Jaguar’s sedans of the period such as the Mk II. Performance was brisk, to say the least, as the Kougar’s light weight made the most of Jaguar’s well-proven XK engine and the E-Type’s innovative inboard rear brakes. What the customer got, then, was something that Jaguar and indeed most other sports car manufacturers weren’t offering anymore at the time: pure, no frills, open top motoring.

Although many Kougars are registered as the late-1960s Jaguars they took most of their parts from, most seem to have been built in the later 1970s. This car, located in Palm Springs, California, does not have its actual manufacture date advertised, but it is registered as a 1968. Under the hood is a triple-carb 3.8 liter XK making around 230 horsepower, and the rest of the standard Jag bits are featured throughout, but there doesn’t seem to be much else of not in the car’s history. It does seem to be sorted out, though, and with an advertised 16,000 miles it’s fresh as well.

For a car that matches the appearance, feel and performance of many of the thoroughbred British sports racers to come out of the 1950s, the Kougar can be somewhat of a bargain. But with its kit car look and lack of any real pedigree, it’s also not a dream car. A similar example sold Gooding and Company’s Scottsdale sale last year for a hammer price of $68,000, but that was probably on the high side. Unlikely to blow up in the collector market, this Kougar will really just be an expensive classic toy, albeit an interesting one.

Check out the 1968 Jaguar Kougar Roadster here on eBay, where the reserve is not yet met at $25,655.

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