Appealing Mystery – 1967 Jaguar E-Type Coupe

1967 Jaguar XKE frontA famous print advertisement for 1967 Jaguars once stated that “Before you buy a Jaguar XKE you should know the inside story.” They couldn’t have known it then, but we’ve rarely heard better advice for buying a vintage E-type.

Sure, they meant that phrase in a “here are all of the less than obvious details that make us great” kind of way when the ad was originally printed. We mean it more in a “unless you’re a financial sadist don’t buy a vintage Jaguar without knowing everything about the car”.

This advice seems so good on paper, and then you happen upon an eBay listing for the car seen here. Three lines of description, nine pictures and no reserve but what sets this car apart from the average thrown together eBay listing is the car described within.

According to the brief description this 1967 Jaguar E-Type has a rebuilt engine, fresh paint, and new tires. But wait there’s more, according to the listing this car is rust free and is currently being sold by only the second owner since new. Call us crazy but that is a whole lot of Jaguar appeal stuffed into a few brief lines of text.

The car isn’t turnkey from what we can tell, it needs at the very least the brakes bled and a tow-truck ride home. We’d call that best case scenario. Worst case scenario is this supposed bargain Jaguar is actually just a sleek and beautiful financial black hole waiting to consume your discretionary income at an alarming rate.

It’s tough buying cars long distance because you can’t actually inspect and get to know a car before you purchase it. It’s tougher still when you don’t really even have a ton of information about the car. In this case we’re sure the lack of pictures, user history and specific information will likely scare off some potential bidders–probably with good reason.

Even with this in mind, we’d be lying if we said rolling the dice on this vintage Jaguar wasn’t an appealing proposition. Just imagine, you steal this Jaguar with a last minute bid buying the car only slightly over the current $11,100 high bid. When it finally arrives you bleed the brake system and spend a day in the garage checking vital systems and tinkering the car in to road ready shape.

Before you know it, you’re driving down the road, enjoying your own example of one of the most beautiful cars ever made that you purchased at a discount on eBay. It sounds perfect but anyone who has ever bought a car long distance knows, this scenario can easily end up with a less ideal situation.

We’re guessing whoever is the high bidder on this car when the auction ends next Monday will either have the inside story on this car or an adventurous streak combined with a set of crossed fingers.

Find this 1967 Jaguar E-Type Coupe on eBay here.


  1. Wow who will be candid enough to bid on a car that is listed by an ebay member with 0 zero feedback????

  2. Flyin' Brian says:

    Too bad it is a 2+2… ungainly rear 3/4 view.

  3. While I covet the Jag XKE and agree with Enzo Ferrari that the Series I XKE is, “The most beautiful car ever made”. I’d never consider having one in our garage which had not been previously completely overhauled by the restoration specialists at Eagle E-Types:

  4. Christin Mueller says:

    “financial sadist”? – more likely masochist, I’d think?

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