By Any Other Name – 1967 Fiat Dino Coupe

Named after Enzo Ferrari’s son, built by Fiat, sold briefly by Ferrari dealers and powered by a Lampredi-designed Formula 2 V6 engine, the Fiat Dino Coupe’s story has more plot twists than an Italian opera. But you won’t need funny glasses or translator to see this 1967 Coupe is a special car. For starters, there’s the remarkable condition shown in the photos. The red paint and chrome trim looks shiny and straight, the leather interior appears to be in fine condition and the engine compartment looks very well detailed. Then there’s the promise of fine noise and performance from the same Lampredi designed V6 that powered the Ferrari 206, and the attractive 2+2 styling that provides reasonable space for four. We’ve seen many of these cars over the years but none in such good condition. Often overlooked by Ferrari fans and too expensive and obscure to garner much attention from fans of other Italian cars many Dinos were driven hard and abandoned when repairs became too great. This, then, is a special car and looks ready for the road or local car shows. Find the Dino for sale here on eBay in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania with the reserve not yet met at $25,000.

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