Czech it Out – 1934 Skoda Popular Coupé

34 Skoda Coupe czechPeople interested in quirky and obscure automobiles might want to give this car, located in Prague, Czech Republic, a good look. The Popular was actually one of Skoda’s more successful models in the 1930s, and wore several different bodies. Predictably, some were more attractive than others. The prettiest was probably the Monte Carlo, but the Coupé is a close second. It has the same elegant profile with swooping tail and cool fin running down the back, but has less dramatic styling up front.

This particular Skoda must have an interesting story of some kind, but the seller provides a minimal description. Reportedly one of two cars prepared for an Alpine race in the summer of 1934, it has aluminum body panels and possibly a modified chassis. On the inside, the car gets even more interesting and mysterious as soon as you see what look like added instruments and maybe an old fire system, not to mention the fan and flower pot. There isn’t much else to go on, but it is no doubt still a nifty little car.

It’s hard to say what exactly you would do with a car like this. With a 1.0 liter motor and an advertised 22 horsepower, it’s not all that usable. If it had more of a story, it might be a more straightforward purchase. At the same time, though, the seller claims to have period documents, which might reveal something. Whatever the case may be, some people just like small, oddball kind of cars. This Skoda certainly fits the bill.

Check out the 1934 Skoda Popular Coupé here on eBay, where the reserve is not yet met at $13,766.

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