Endless Eligibility – Frazer Nash Le Mans Replica

Frazer Nash Le Mans Replica

While many likely don’t realize it, if you’ve attended any of the major historic racing events across the globe, chances are strong that you’ve witnessed a Frazer Nash driven in anger. And even fewer likely realized they were looking at something special.

With an interesting story that began before World War II, Archibald Frazer-Nash made his start in the motoring industry building automobiles that famously used a chain drive-style transmission. No mistaking his cycle car roots, the chain-drive generation was short-lived, with Frazer Nash post war offerings utilizing conventional transmissions. Between this time, the company would involve themselves in the production of hydraulic, aircraft gun turrets for the war and in 1934 become the importers and assemblers for BMW, and later Porsche.

More importantly, their later offerings, which bared similarities to BMW’s 328 of the period, were a major success in motor racing. Making their debut at Le Mans in 1949, they would finish on the podium behind a Luigi Chinetti-piloted Ferrari 166M and a Delage D6S-3L. Not bad for a rookie team in a new car. This wouldn’t be the only accomplishment for the cars, as they would later earn a victory at the Targa Florio in 1951 and the 12 Hours of Sebring the next year – just to name a few.

A small series of cars were produced to honor their Le Mans success, affectionately named the “Frazer Nash Le Mans Replica”. Today, the name is deceiving, as we sometimes use the term in a derogatory fashion, but these “Replicas” were simply built in similar specification to the example that competed at Le Mans in 1949.

Even more fascinating is that these celebrated “Le Mans Replicas” lived on, even after the demise of AFN Limited, in the form of continuation models. One of these examples, “WOK 1” is available for purchase. The seller explains:

The Frazer Nash Company had a reputation for producing high quality sports cars with outstanding handling, albeit quite expensive. The most desirable and iconic car produced by Frazer Nash is the Frazer Nash Le Mans Replica. Only 34 of these cars were made before the company ceased trading and was absorbed by Porsche Cars UK Ltd. Crosthwaite and Gardner produced 6-9 bodies or complete “replicas” with a lowercase “r” in the 1970’s. These were not exact replicas due to litigation issues.

Werner Oswald bought the Company name, Frazer Nash Cars Ltd. and produced some 10 kits (“WOKs” or “Werner Oswald Kits”] for customer assembly. He only built one complete car, WOK 1, for himself. As such, we may assume he used the best and most original components available. This replica is therefore unique and is registered in the UK as a 1951 car and carries full FIA/HTP papers.

Equally at home on the road and the track, the Frazer Nash Le Mans was a super car of its day with over 230 BHP/tonne, it sprinted to 0-60 mph in around 8 secs and offered a top speed of 120 mph.

WOK 1 is described to be in “very good overall condition.” Having recently completed a 2,000 mile road tour, the current specification of the Bristol-based engine is ideal of road use, but could easily be upgraded for sprint racing should its new owner choose to go ‘door-to-door’ racing in historic events. The engine and gearbox are explained to operate as they should, with the chassis and suspension also in “excellent condition” showing no signs of corrosion. Aesthetically, the car is said to show like an old racer should, with a perfect amount of patina that leaves no mystery of its purpose-built nature. The electrical system, to include dynamo, battery and lighting systems, are all explained to function as they should.

As noted, WOK 1 is currently registered in United Kingdom as a 1951 model. Crucially, this example is equipped with the FIA Historical Technical Passport, making it potentially eligible for premier historic racing events worldwide.

Along with FIA documents, this example also includes:

  • Aero screen
  • Storable hood and side screens
  • Full tonneau cover
  • Spare wheel

With an ownership trail showing names like respected Ferrari collector and racer Peter Mann and later to an ex-Chairman of the Historic Grand Prix Cars Association, the chance to purchase WOK 1 privately clearly represents an unusual opportunity.

Racing alongside automotive royalty, the era for which the Frazer Nash Le Mans Replicas competed is a time that’s treasured today. WOK 1 likely offers vintage racers a spot on the grid of many of the most recognized vintage races in the world. When considering that the 34 original Le Mans Replicas are now selling upwards of a million dollars, this small run of continuation models are now looked at as huge value given the eligibility into world-class events.

This Frazer Nash Le Mans Replica continuation is offered privately at £150,000 (roughly $230,000 USD) and is available for immediate inspection. For questions or to schedule an appointment to inspect the car at its Tottenhill, Norfolk, UK home, please Click Here.

Frazer Nash Le Mans Replica “WOK 1” For Sale – Photo Gallery (click image for larger picture)

Acclaimed journalist and racer Mark Hales discusses Nick Mason’s Frazer Nash Le Mans Replica

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