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1953 Porsche 356 Pre-A Coupe Sold

The 1950s have rightly been called the golden age for the automobile on both sides of the Atlantic, a renaissance of styling and engineering after the years of warfare that diverted the talents of the car industry to military efforts. This was even true in Germany, a war-torn and geopolitically divided country that began a miraculously quick recovery in the postwar years, and it was out of this climate that Porsche came into its own as one of the biggest names in the sports car business. Ferdinand Porsche had been producing clever designs since the turn of the century, mostly for other manufacturers, but by 1953 cars bearing the Porsche name were selling in significant numbers. At the Paris Auto Show that year the company revealed the potent 550 Spyder which would go on to dominate the Eifel Race at the Nurburgring just weeks later.

That same year the 356, Porsche’s popular road-going sports car, was starting to make a worldwide impact among enthusiasts who valued not only its light weight and nimble performance but also the build quality. The 1953 models also for the first time featured a steering wheel specifically designed for Porsche that featured the new Porsche crest, while the 356 bodies that emerged from Reutter Karosseriewerk dropped their two-piece split windshields in favor of a single piece version that featured a sharp and distinct angle at the crown of the windshield. These models would later be dubbed the “bent window” cars, and this windshield design persisted until 1955 when the traditional curved windscreen replaced it. These unique 356s, which also fit into the desirable “Pre-A” category, would only be produced for a few years and are now highly collectible examples of one of Porsche’s most formative and influential models.

The example on offer here, chassis 50748, is a matching numbers 1500 Coupe sold new in September of 1953. The original sales invoice (see below) shows that the car sold to George Schwenk in Connecticut in its current color of maroon. However, an examination of its Kardex and Certificate of Authenticity (see below) states that 50748 was finished in the Ivory exterior color, contrasted with Green leather interior. This indicates two possible scenarios: 1) at (or just before) the time of delivery 50748 underwent a color change to Maroon (color code 503) over a highly unusual but fascinating tan corduroy interior that still resides in the car today or, 2) there was a clerical error within the identification of the model’s build specification, which was a fairly common occurrence according to Porsche experts. Both scenarios represent striking color combinations that give the new owner two great options should they choose to restore the car to their liking.

A highly original and well-kept example, this Pre-A Coupe still features its as-delivered interior, which has mellowed gracefully. It also features its original engine and transmission per the Kardex and COA. It is known to have received one repaint in its original color in the 1970s. The body, shut and gap lines show well, but at closer inspection manageable issues in the longitudinals and jack points would benefit from attention underneath. Mechanically, the car runs and drives well with a freshened transmission and engine compression at an acceptable level. 50748 was recently serviced by Porsche experts Zuffenhaus Eurowerks, who would be more than happy to offer their thoughts on the car’s condition.

Included with this highly collectible 356 is an extensive collection of documentation, which includes an owner’s manual, service receipts, original sales invoice, the Porsche Certificate of Authenticity, Kardex and complete ownership history with a bill of sale from every owner since new, meaning 50748 can be bought with the utmost confidence and with little to no further research necessary to determine its history. Along with the documents, the purchase includes the tool roll, spare wheel/tire, “Porsche” script dash insert and a number of hard to find spares including carburetor air cleaners and a highly desirable set of period correct 16” wheels and tires for show and display purposes.

One of less than 1,000 Reutter-bodied Coupes built in 1953, this is a very rare find in the 356 market, and in its carefully preserved condition it is exceptional. A desirably equipped, highly original and handsome Pre-A 356, this car is a worthy addition to any collection and is ready to be enjoyed and appreciated, as it always has been.

This 1953 Porsche 356 Pre-A Coupe is now offered at a reduced $109,000, down from the original asking price of $120,000. Please note this will be sold on a Bill of Sale only. It is available for inspection at our garage in Charlotte, NC. Click Here If Interested.

1953 Porsche 356 Pre-A Coupe – Photo Gallery (click image for larger picture)


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    own 57,62

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    The way air cooled Porsches have been sky rocketing- this seems like an absolute bargain! I was expecting something north of $200k!

  3. Pastor Ed if we knew what you had.

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