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Update, February 10, 2015: The 1954 MG TF has been sold. Thanks for the interest!

MG’s rich heritage in building open-air, sporting machines reveals roots that are as deep as they come. Dating all the way back to the 1920s, the sports cars, particularly the well-known Midget series, helped pave the way for the British sports car movement.

Starting with Morris Minor-based M-Type, MG attempted to apply every letter in the alphabet when naming the fourteen variants of the Midget, with seemingly endless developments that spanned over a quarter century. Ultimately, the later “T-series” variants would gain the company much of its notoriety. Starting with the “TA” and concluding with the “TF”, these cars represented much of the original design qualities that stemmed from the earliest MGs.

The example on offer here is a ‘bookend’ to the Ash-Framed, T-series cars. This 1954 MG TF is dressed classically in its original shade of “MG Red” per it’s Heritage Trust Certificate shown below, and contrasted nicely with a black leather interior and matching black soft top. A numbers-matching example, chassis number HDC46/3984 was assembled on the second week of March 1954 and now shows just under 22,000 miles and is described to only have had three caretakers. This TF is ready to be enjoyed.

Offered for sale by an individual that has owned several TFs during his time, this 1954 MG TF is described to show very well and be a very worthy candidate for local shows and event. The seller even called it his favorite driving TF he has ever owned. Having enjoyed a quality respray in its original color quite some time ago, the paint shows well and original brightwork, chrome and logos are said to be excellent condition.

Open the classic, rear-hinged doors and the inside of this TF corresponds with its exterior, showing just the right amount of patina in the right places. Carpeting shows nice and tight, but seating upholstery is nicely worn, happily lacking the inaccurate, dull-finish leather upholstery that usually ends up in cars of this type. While its steering wheel largely dominates the dashboard, tucked behind and nestling in the center of the dash are the octagonal Jaeger gauges that are explained to all function (with an exception for the clock).

Mechanically, this TF is described to drive and handle as it should, with its 1,250CC unit said to accelerate willingly and its 4-speed gearbox shifting smoothly and without drama, but should be noted that the 1st gear and reverse are straight-cut, not synchronized.  With unassisted everything, the steering, whilst heavy, is described to be accurate and virtually free of play. The suspension has been upgraded with Koni shock absorbers, which are said to have dramatically improved handling. However, should the next party be interested in pure originality, original parts have been saved. Its braking system exhibits 1950s level of performance, but has been maintained and points straight under heavy use.

1954 MG TF
Chassis: HDC46/3984
Engine: XPAGTF33797
21,992 miles

During its current ownership, the car has recently enjoyed extensive preventative maintenance, including:

  • New fluids
  • Radiator hoses replaced and cooling system flushed
  • Fuel system professionally checked, with fuel tank emptied and cleaned
  • Fuel pump replaced
  • Carburetors cleaned and checked
  • Air filters cleaned
  • New points, condenser and spark plugs fitted
  • Generator and voltage regulator checked
  • Starter motor overhauled and new battery fitted
  • Steering rack and associated steering components replaced
  • Five new chrome-plate wire wheels added with new 185mm Michelin tires
  • Koni shock absorbers a part of a handling upgrade kit (original parts included)

Interesting items included with the sale of this MG TF:

  • New full tonneau over
  • Original half-tonneau cover
  • New driver-side lap, safety belt
  • New spare wheel tire cover
  • New chrome rear luggage rack
  • New period-correct Lucas PL700 halogen headlights
  • Period-correct Lucas SLD/SPF576 sport/fog lamp and reversing light
  • New ‘badge bar’ fitted in front with BARC Club and Abingdon MG badges
  • Twin fender mounted wing mirrors and period-correct windscreen wings
  • Original crank handle, twin hood stays, MG jack and crank and correct ‘Thor’ brass-headed hammer for chromed wheel knock-offs
  • MG tool kit
  • Workshop manuals, driver’s handbook and routine service manual
  • Clean and clear Florida title

Following the war, MG ‘Midgets’ were the must have British sporting car, and who can blame the folks that bought them new. Their sense of occasion and driving experience were hard to match. The TF builds a strong case for the ultimate execution of the traditionally styled MG sports car, and today these cars offer a lot of car (and rally eligibility!) for the money. We don’t see this lasting long, so prepare for the balmy, spring weather.

This 1954 MG TF is offered at $32,000 USD and is available for immediate inspection at its South Florida home. Pre-purchase inspections are encouraged. Click Here If Interested.

1954 MG TF For Sale – Photo Gallery (click image for larger picture)


  1. Serge Dermanian says:

    as a former Austin MG dealer in Waltham Massachusetts, (High Performance Cars) over the years I did lots of work on all these cars, I remember while managing a vintage car store in Monaco, I noticed a dust covered green TF, I found the owner who asked me to look
    at his engine( that was in 1996), brought the car in our garage, engine skipping badly no power & a popping sound feed back trough the carbs!
    After careful checking over, I discovered that couple exhaust valves were not opening fully, Owner authorized the work, I found that some of
    the came lobes were worn out! I completely redone his engine, ran perfect, owner was trilled turned out that his best friend was a F1 racing
    driver, they drove this car back to UK were I had purchased the parts, they were so pleased about how this car ran, the shop owner sent me
    a pencil drawing on a large sheet describing the story of the MG, with a note “Serge 4 star mechanic”!
    great souvenirs, plus the car was featured in a French car magazine with pictures!!

  2. Hormazd Dalal says:

    Am from Southern California. Interested in purchasing this car. What is your best price considering transportation costs

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