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Few cars embody their associated culture better than the British sports car. One might argue that the American muscle genre might be a contender, but one simply can’t ignore the impact that the small-displacement open-top sporting cars made on a global level. The British sports car is as about as sensible as the type of clothing that came out of the same era, but it’s better for it. It appealed to the well-heeled, but also to starving enthusiasts that couldn’t make up the difference for something any more exotic. The automobiles most responsible for inflicting this fever, at least in the United States, were the T-series “Midgets” from MG.

“Morris Garages”, as they were initially known, would eventually restructure itself as “Morris Motors Limited” in 1935, as they prepared to go public the following year. The initial models were merely rebodied Morris products, and MG only really started to show their own identity with their third model, the 18/80. From this point on, the recognizable grille with the vertical slats would make an appearance on their T-series cars for almost three decades. MG’s TC model would be the first example to get attention in the United States and following the TD, the final T-series car, the TF, would be the last of the traditional, wood-framed bodied MGs. They were undoubtedly the most civilized of the breed.

The example on offer here is a desirable TF-1500 model dressed in a rich Metallic Silver exterior contrasted with handsome Black leather interior and convertible top. Having enjoyed a comprehensive, multi-year frame-off restoration that was completed last year, this 1500 shows impressively and is has been mechanically sorted for the next caretaker to enjoy.

A matching-numbers example, chassis HDC46/8159 was originally painted Red with a ‘Biscuit’ interior, but prior to its restoration the Metallic Silver paint was chosen and the result has given the car a distinctly different appeal, even resembling the Jaguar SS-100 from some angles.

During the restoration the low-mileage engine was deemed healthy enough not to warrant a rebuild, but a valve job and reseal were performed at the time, as well as any other tune-up related items. Along with this, all necessary hoses and lines were replaced, the radiator was rebuilt and the braking system was rebuilt using White Post Restorations components. The restoration is well documented, being carried out by the experts at British and Classic Car Doctors in Upperville, Virginia.

The car is described to run and drive as it should. The engine starts from cold instantaneously with short-lived use of the choke, and idles calmly at 800 RPM. The suspension is described as tight and the steering, while heavy, is free of excess play. The 1,466cc XPEG inline-four accelerates willingly, and the gearbox operates smoothly, with the typically noisy, straight-cut first and reverse.

1955 MG TF-1500
Chassis: HDC46/8159 Body: TF18676
Engine: XPEGTF2040
62,522 miles

During its current ownership, the car has recently enjoyed extensive preventative maintenance, including:

  • New Fluids
  • Radiator flushed, and given new coolant
  • Fuel System checked
  • Carburetors checked and air filters cleaned
  • New points, condenser and spark plugs fitted
  • Generator and Voltage Regulator checked

Interesting items included with the sale of this TF-1500:

  • New, full Tonneau Cover
  • Recent convertible top with side screens in excellent condition
  • New, twin, lap safety belts
  • New Chrome, rear Luggage Rack
  • Period-correct, Lucas SLD Fog Lamps
  • Reversing light
  • Stoneguards fitted to headlights
  • New ‘Badge Bar’ fitted to front with BRSCC and MG Abingdon badges
  • Twin, fender-mounted wing mirrors and the twin, period-correct windscreen wings
  • Battery cut-off switch for storage and security
  • Original Crank Handle, Twin hood stays, MG jack and crank, and correct ‘Thor’ brass-headed hammer for chromed, wheel knock-offs.
  • MG Tool kit
  • Workshop manuals, Driver’s Handbook and Routine Service manual
  • Clean and clear Florida title

The TF, like all the T-series “Midget” cars from MG, provide a spectacularly raw and involving driving experience that is hard to parallel nowadays. The final version of their traditionally assembled sports car offered a far more refined experience than earlier cars. With its larger, more capable XPEG power plant, the TF-1500 ensured that it was something more useful for the interstate highway system, making it a more versatile classic car today. With only 3,400 TF-1500s produced worldwide, the final evolution of the “Wood-framed” MG sports car is quickly becoming a rather obvious piece for the motoring enthusiast that craves the vintage, open-air experience.

This 1955 MG TF-1500 is offered at $38,950 USD. The TF is available for immediate inspection at its South Florida home. Pre-purchase inspections are encouraged. Click Here If Interested.

1955 MG TF-1500 For Sale – Photo Gallery (click image for larger picture)

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