Featured Listing – 1963 Porsche 356B Cabriolet

1963 Porsche 356B Cabriolet

Update, May 31st, 2015:  The 356B Cabriolet has been sold to a Sports Car Digest reader.  Enjoy it!

Porsche’s 356 series has always represented a bit of a fashion statement throughout the years, and if you’ve ever had the privilege of driving one you quickly understand why many circle drives of the grandest homes in all the finest zip codes come equipped with Porsche’s first sports car. Why is that? Well, the 3-5-6 is the Barbour jacket of the sports car world – classic, refined, well-built and anything but shouty.

If you follow the 356 story, you’ll notice considerable progress throughout its development that lasted into the middle of the ’60s. Beginning as an incredibly basic machine, that despite its relatively low weight, was generally only gifted with meager power plants. As a whole the 356 would slowly become a more civilized and tractable creature, while retaining many of its lovely, minimalistic qualities that sports car enthusiasts grew to cherish from Porsche cars.

The example on offer here is a “Twin-Grille” 1963 Porsche 356B Cabriolet dressed in the quintessential German sports car shade. Its Metallic Silver exterior is contrasted by a nicely worn black leather interior and black soft top. Chassis 158337 began its life similar to most 356s, emerging from the coach builder Reutter and Company. According to its Kardex, 158337 was originally finished in Bali Blue over a black leather interior.

Benefitting from a two-year restoration during the 1990s, this 356 underwent a thorough rehabilitation, carefully removing any corrosion using proper techniques with lead and high-quality sheet metal sourced from Stoddard Porsche. Nearly 25 years later this 356’s current condition is a testament to the quality of work. It’s said to show as a superb driver with minimal wear, giving parties the freedom to enjoy driving it and not sweat a stone chip.

Mechanically, this 1963 Cabriolet now enjoys a period-correct T6 1600S engine that has been subtly upgraded in size to 1,750cc. There’s no doubt this mild bump in power will surely be appreciated when trying to keep up with modern traffic. With much of the work carried out by well-known experts Targa Performance, Ltd. and Weissach Performance, it’s clear the car was in the right hands.

The seller, a Sports Car Digest reader and longtime 356 Registry member, has enjoyed this Cabriolet for over a decade, displaying it at many 356 Club outings and successfully securing a “People’s Choice” Award in 2005 with the car at the Registry’s Rocky Mountain Holiday event.

1963 Porsche 356B Cabriolet
Chassis 158337
Engine 704293
Odometer showing 13,971

Chassis 158337 has remained mostly correct, with some minor updates including a 12V electrical system conversion and installation of disc brakes up front similar to a 356C. These updates, very common amongst 356 owners that actually enjoy driving their cars, contribute to making the car a more useable machine.

This 1963 Porsche 356B Cabriolet is sold with the following:

  • Kardex production information
  • Professional appraisal with vehicle condition report
  • Documentation dating back to late 1980s
  • Clean title

The Porsche 356 ticks all the right boxes, and this final year 356B is the ideal example for enthusiasts looking to do more than just wipe on their cars. Chassis 158337 offers all the sense of occasion that you’d expect from any open 356, yet in a more capable and refined package than its earlier variants.

The 1963 Porsche 356B Cabriolet is available privately at $125,000 USD. For questions or to schedule a viewing of the 356 at its home in Victoria, British Columbia, please Click Here. As always, pre-purchase inspections are strongly encouraged.

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  1. john m blankley says:

    Why is this car not sold? Is it because the pictures are dated 1990, possibly the year of it’s restoration? Having restored 5-10 356’s, she is a prime example of the series. Fresh, today pictures might spark new interest.

  2. Good question, John! We’ve included some of the seller’s older images around the time the restoration was completed for reference. Most of the images shown are recent, though.

  3. João Fernando Krahe says:

    For me, the most beatiful car ever made.

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