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1966 Jaguar E-Type Sold

Update, September 4, 2014: The Series 1 E-Type is headed across the pond to England. We hope you enjoy it!

Webster’s Dictionary describes the word ‘Beautiful’ as “the quality of being physically attractive” and it’s a word that is frankly overused when describing inanimate objects. There are plenty of items that are striking, or even exude dramatic qualities, but aren’t necessarily beautiful. The automobile world is full these types of designs, but without a doubt there are a few exceptions to the rule, and to be quite honest, very few of them trace their origins back to the English-speaking end of Europe. The Jaguar XKE, or E-Type, is one of these few cars, though.

With a story that could only be described as heroic, the car that Enzo Ferrari called “the most beautiful car in the world” entered the world in 1961 with a bang. Penned by Malcom Sayer, whose aeronautical experience was clearly evident on such designs as the C- and D-Type, the E-Types level of aesthetic ‘rightness’ was off the charts, even before taking a glance at its motorsports success. Originally equipped with a 3.8-liter straight-six, the E-Type became the fastest production car in the world, and was utilizing the very same engine that helped make Jaguar victorious at the 24 Hours of Le Mans five times during the 1950s. At a price selling price equivalent to roughly $65,000 in today’s money, the E-Type offered world-beating performance and, quite possibly, the most devastatingly beautiful automobile available for sale. It was quite the handsome package for the time, and it couldn’t have come at a better time than the swinging ‘60s. Eventually, the 3.8-liter six would grow to a 4.2-liters that offered a torquier and more useable powerband. A period road test from Motor magazine demonstrates how remarkably effective this combination was: “The new 4.2 supersedes the early 3.8 as the fastest car Motor has tested. The absurd ease which 100 mph can be exceeded in a 1/4 mile never failed to astonish.”

Following an eventual facelift in 1968, to what’s known as the ‘Series II’, the XKE would eventually be persuaded by a V-12 in Series III guise, and continue production all the way up to 1975. In total, 70,000 E-Types were produced in everything from the Open Two-Seater to the Fixed-Head Coupe. It is one of the most important sports cars ever built, and has left its mark on, not only the automotive world, but on our culture at large. With its recent inclusion at the New York Museum of Modern Art as a permanent display, there’s no denying the effect this cat has had on people.

The example on offer here is a matching-numbers 1967 Open Two-Seater in Carmen Red exterior, contrasted by a nicely finished Black leather interior. Chassis # 1E13560 has been the custodian of a professional, ground-up restoration carried out a few years ago.

Purchased from the second owner of nearly 30 years of ownership, the car was well documented and only wore 49,744 documented miles at the time of the sale. It was clear to the current owner that this was a very worthy candidate of a thorough restoration, and with that in mind, this example underwent the painstaking process of rehabilitating this E-Type to its former glory in 2004. During the course of the restoration the owner spent considerable time documenting everything, from pictures to receipts amounting to over $100,000 worth of work. This was a no-expense-spared endeavor that yielded a Concours-quality car, but also a useable device that can be driven thousands of miles without issue.

Following its completion in 2006, its new owners debuted the car at its first road rally in Salt Lake City, Utah, where they competed in the 2006 Red Rock Rally. Following this, the car would go on to successfully complete numerous other events, including the 2,400 mile “The Great Race” in 2012. During their custodianship, the current owners of 1E13560 have enjoyed more than a few good drives and made lot of great friends along the way.

The new owner can savor the fact that they’re not only getting a well-restored Jaguar, but one that was actively sorted to ensure reliable use. Included with the sale is the Jaguar-Daimler Heritage Trust Certificate, which identifies the cars matching-numbers status, its restoration documentation and an inner ‘boot’ lid that has been signed by racing legend Brian Redman.

1967 Jaguar XKE Series 1 4.2-Liter Open Two-Seater Chassis: 1E13560 Mileage: 60,176

• Engine rebuilt and overbored 4-5/16” dia.
• Transmission, differential and IRS all rebuilt.
• Clutch, driveline and braking system all rebuilt.
• SU carburetors all rebuilt.
• Suspension rebuilt with the use of upgraded springs and competition torsion bars to improve handling characteristics.
• Exhaust replaced with stainless-steel unit.
• All rubber trim replaced.
• New Dayton 6” 72-spoke stainless-steel wire wheels with knockoffs and new hubs installed.
• All wiring harnesses replaced.
• “CoolCat” fan with additional coolant expansion tank to aid in engine cooling.
• “B-Quiet” insulation installed on floor transmission tunnel to help with sound suppression and heat protection.
• Interior re-upholstered following exterior repaint in 2011.
• Upgraded Alpine stereo with CD player and two rear speakers.
• Upgraded 15″ wood steering wheel (Original steering wheel available).

The following rallies and driving events were successfully completed during the car’s current ownership:

• Red Rock Rally, Salt Lake City, Utah – 2006
• Carolina Trophy, NC – 2007, 2008, 2009 and 2010
• Mountain Mille, West Virginia – 2008
• Barnstorming Maine Tour – 2008 and 2009
• The Great Race – 2012
• Little Switzerland Rally – 2012 and 2013

This 1967 Jaguar E-Type OTS is offered at $124,900 USD. It is available for immediate inspection at its Ontario, Canada home. The seller has agreed to assist in transportation. Click Here If Interested.

1967 Jaguar E-Type OTS Series 1 – Photo Gallery (click image for larger picture)


  1. Beautiful ! and my # 52 as well…..

  2. Jim Rogers says:

    Stunning car and this is a great example to own, given its history and sorting. Good luck with the ale.

  3. Over priced for what it is, to many so called upgrades, there are nicer cars for sale for the same price or even less.

  4. AG de Jong says:

    Ja ,als je echt geen verstand van auto’s hebt dan begrijp ik je negatieve opmerking. Natuurlijk kun je voor dat geld een andere en betere auto kopen maar dan rij je niet in een E-Type. En… je moet het ook kunnen betalen en dat is vaak het probleem.
    Met vriendelijke groet van Anne de Jong uut Grunn een gelukkige E-Type 3.8 OTS flatfloor 1962 rijder

    • For our non-Dutch speaking readers, here’s the Google Translated version of Anne de Jong’s comment:

      “Yes, if you really have no knowledge of cars than I understand your negative comment. Of course you can for that money to buy a different and better car but you do not drive in an E-Type. And … you have to be able to pay and that is often the problem.
      Sincerely Anne de Jong uut Grunn a happy E-Type 3.8 OTS flat floor 1962 driver”

  5. Serge Dermanian says:

    the best jaguar I ever took in trade when I was running my MG dealership, in Waltham Massachusetts! an XK120 M Jaguar alloy body race car gold cylinder head; for a new green 1972 MGB!
    car was machine gray with red leather upholstery

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