Featured Listing – 1969 Porsche 911 E Coupe

1969 Porsche 911 E

Update, January 7th, 2016: The 911 E Coupe has been sold to a Sports Car Digest reader. We hope you enjoy it!

1969 Porsche 911 E Coupe

  • Matching-numbers with Northern California ownership history
  • Rust-free, restored example with renewed components from marque specialists
  • Striking original color combination and desirable specification
  • R-Gruppe ownership

Porsche has applied the exercise of evolution to its sports cars for as long as they’ve existed. From the beginning their automobiles have appreciated incremental improvements with every new variant. Their 911 range provides one of the greatest examples of this pattern, and by the 1969 model year their rear-engined platform was receiving its first of many major generational improvements.

Criticized for its rear-engined handling characteristics, an effort was made to help alleviate some of its tail-happy tendencies. Some of the improvements included, among other things, lengthening the wheelbase by 2.4 inches and helping balance the tail-heavy weight distribution by placing an additional battery up front.

The 1969 Porsche 911 E offered for sale here is a brightly colored variety of one of these important 911s. This car comes from a Sports Car Digest reader and official member of the famous hot rod 911 community, R-Gruppe. Unlike many of the hot rod 911s you now see, though, this 911 retains many of its crucial, original details like engine, transaxle and bodywork.

Chassis 119200051 was completed on September 3, 1968 wearing the Tangerine (Or “Blut Orange” auf deutsche) color that it still wears today. Ordered as a middle of the range ‘E’ model, 119200051 features the desirable Bosch mechanical fuel-injected 2.0L, flat-six cylinder engine that made more power and provided better drivability than the ‘T’ model, but also offered a more useable power band than the peaky ‘S’ model.

As evidenced by the supplied Kardex information, this 1969 911 E was sold new to its Northern California owner where it’s thought to have spent most of its life. This 911 would eventually find its way in the hands of a pair of Northern Californian R-Gruppe members who purchased the car from a Naval Officer. Their initial intentions were to build the car into a hot-rod, but would quickly realize that the car was far too nice for this treatment. Enter the current owner.  Purchasing the car in 2007, the seller has been a great custodian of 119200051, helping improve the car to this day.

A candidate of a professional, bare-metal refinish in its original Tangerine (2310) exterior color, no rust repair was needed during its rehabilitation in 2010. Showing today in excellent condition with only minor evidence of use, its current order is further proof of the high quality of work performed.

The decision was made to professionally overhaul the original 2.0L flat-six shortly after the purchase. During this process the engine case was split and completely torn down, replacing all bearings, piston rings, rod bolts and refurbishing cylinder heads. At this point the exhaust was also ceramic coated and muffler given the “Sport” treatment, per Porsche factory instructions.  This engine is said to have approximately 5,000 miles use since the rebuild.

It’s aluminum-case, 901/07 gearbox is currently being refreshed, replacing bearings and necessary synchronizers to ensure drama-free shifting from its original transaxle.

Utilizing relationships within the R-Gruppe and Early 911 community, many items were renewed using the go-to shops and vendors. The original equipment, “Deep 6” Fuchs alloy wheels restored by the well-known wheel restorer, Harvey Weidman; gauges restored by North Hollywood Speedometer; the correct, alloy “S” brake calipers restored by PMB Performance … and the list goes on.

1969 Porsche 911 E coupe
Chassis: 119200051
Engine: 6290108
Transaxle: 7190241
Mileage showing: 50,900 miles

In sticking with the R-Gruppe tradition, the 911 E does enjoy a few tasteful changes that generally improve the handling, appearance and overall driving experience. All items are ‘bolt-on’ components that could be easily changed should someone choose to revert car into a completely correct example:

  • Hella French-market H4 headlamps
  • Cibie Super Oscar driving lights
  • European turn signal housings and tail lamps
  • Early rear bumper over riders added (Smooth and without rubber trim for cleaner look)
  • Front bumper over-riders removed (For cleaner appearance)
  • Weltmeister adjustable spring plates
  • Weltmeister front and rear sway bars
  • “Sport” muffler
  • Later “Carrera” higher capacity fuel tank

The sale of this 1969 Porsche 911 E Coupe includes:

  • Original front and rear bumper over-riders
  • Original spring plates
  • Non-leather, 380mm factory steering wheel (wood wheel shown not included)
  • “Green dot” emergency jack
  • Kardex Production information
  • Clean and clear South Carolina title

The sneaky 911 E was disguised as the ‘luxury model’ to replace the outgoing 911 L, but what it really offered Porschephiles was the best of both worlds. Little wonder the model has been dubbed the “Secret weapon of Zuffenhausen”.

While there are some details that need ironing out for competitive Concours use, this 911 E serves as a completely useable early 911 with all of the truly expensive and painstaking work carried out properly. While some owners are sweating stone chips with their original paint, “blue-chip” early 911 S models, this is a car you purchase to use and enjoy. Its color, specification and condition are the key selling points and we personally have a difficult time letting this one slip through our fingers.

The 1969 Porsche 911 E coupe is offered privately at $95,000 USD. It’s available for immediate inspection at its home in the Charlotte, NC. For questions or to schedule an appointment to view the 911 E, please Click Here. As always, pre-purchase inspections are strongly encouraged.

1969 Porsche 911 E Coupe For Sale – Photo Gallery (click image for larger picture)


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