Featured Listing – Pur Sang Type 55 Roadster

Pur Sang Type 55 Roadster

Regular Sports Car Digest readers will surely recognize our obsession with the beautiful range of products from Pur Sang. Using old-world, artisan production techniques, one simply cannot produce a more authentic facsimile. We love what they represent and where they fit in this motoring world. From our Pur Sang Introduction story, Auction Editor Rick Carey explains some of what differentiates Pur Sang from other car makers:

What happens here is amazing, a word that crossed my lips many times in five remarkable days in late May.

They just get down to the job at hand and translate concepts into physical entities, much of it by hand. It seems to be part of the Argentine character. Forced to be self-sufficient by a dysfunctional economy and import restrictions that make acquiring even the simplest components from outside the country almost impossible, what they can’t buy they make, in an astounding profusion.

At Pur Sang they make almost everything, and do it with beaming Latin pride in their skills, accomplishments and the intricate gizmos that they create from raw metal and ideas.

If you’ve happened to miss Rick Carey’s Pur Sang Visit and Driving Reports, you can also find them below:

The car offered for sale here is Pur Sang’s version of the legendary Bugatti Type 55 Roadster. Assembled eight years ago, this example is remarkably faithful to the original Type 55. The condition of this Pur Sang is just how we like, lacking serious road rash, but described to have just enough wear to show use and give the illusion of patina. This is the one you want to enjoy.

Mechanically, it is explained to have been recently freshened by Pur Sang and performs as-new — ready to be enjoyed on any number of historic rallying events. Pur Sang Commercial Director John Bothwell explains:

This Type 55 is a very handsome car and a terrific driver. I’ve had the privilege of driving it in several events and regularly drive it on the highways, where it cruises like any Sunday driver in modern-day traffic.

With the recent popularity of highly accurate reproductions, this car gets our blood flowing in a big way. Pur Sang, who is known for producing replacement components for real Pre-War Alfa-Romeos and Bugattis, doesn’t do anything half-way. These cars offer a borderline ‘religious’ experience, at a fraction of the cost, and gives pre-war motoring enthusiasts the same experiences of an original without the burden of driving a historical artifact. Arch enthusiast Jay Leno said it best during a conversation regarding Pur Sang:

The essence should be experiencing the car as it was meant to be used. That’s the fun of it. I daresay I’d rather have a perfect replica that I could drive and use, than a real one that is nothing but a static display.

The Type 55 is available for inspection and immediately delivery at its current Southern California residence. For more information, Click Here.

Pur Sang Type 55 Roadster For Sale – Photo Gallery (click image for larger picture)


  1. Hermosa Argentina.

  2. In construction of classic and unic cars we have,Jorge Anadon of Pur Sang,and at his right side GOD.
    I hope in the future people that critisize him in Argentina will pay him the respect he deseves.

  3. Thomas Foster says:

    My only wish is that I disposed over enough funds with which to purchase one of their wonderful creations!I am full of admiration for their achievement in actually preserving and extending the classic age of the motor car.

  4. OSKAR H. AVILA says:


  5. The aesthetics of an automobile far out weigh the aesthetics of a data plate, sadly so many people would rather see a data plate displayed at a concourse then the beautiful curves of an automobile that is representative of an artisans work. In fact i would love nothing better then to see someone display their data plate on the field at Pebble Beach and in so doing thumb their noses at the people who think a data plate is more important then a beautifully constructed and formed out of metal compound curve.

  6. Dieter Schambach says:

    Having spent much time in Argentina, engaged in oftentimes drawn out and frustrating negociations, I am delighted to see what wonderful creations Argentina’s people are capable of. Thank you for letting us share.

  7. A beautiful piece of mechanical art! On the YouTube website there are two videos of Pur Sang cars at Jay Leno’s Garage, a Bugatti and an Alfa Romeo. Expensive compared to normal cars yes but perfect replicas. Driving an original Bugatti or Alfa Romeo on public roads is a risk but one of the Pur Sang cars would make that possible. I am sure the next owner will love it.

  8. Thomas Foster says:

    Without wishing to be repetitive I would like to express,once more, my gratitude for the editors and contributors of and to Sports Car Digest.Wonderful photography;one can almost smell the burning castor oil!May your readership increase!

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