Four Doors and French – 1967 Renault Gordini R1135

1275 saloon race sweden renault-gordiniWhen it comes to the 1960s, a decade packed with amazing performance cars, we don’t often think about Renault. And when we do, we think about cars like the Alpine A110. With the help of tuner Gordini, however, Renault was able to put out exciting, sporty versions of some of its more ordinary products. Among them were the Gordini-badged variants of the  Renault 8 sedans. Introduced in 1964, the Gordini R1134 had a tweaked 1108 cc engine giving around 90 horsepower, as well as a close-ratio five-speed gearbox. In 1965, the new R1135 got 1,255 cc’s and a corresponding 10 extra horsepower. The little Gordini sedans never set the world on fire with their performance, but they were a somewhat familiar sight on rally stages back in the day. They’re also undeniably interesting in their look, if not exactly pretty.

This car, located in Sweden, is supposedly set up for racing, but supposedly hasn’t been used much recently. It has an enlarged 1,275 engine, and other than that there aren’t really any details on this little four-door race car. This isn’t the kind of thing that comes up for sale all that often, so it’s hard to say what you would do with one of these or how much you should pay for one. In terms of vintage racing, though, it would make for an interesting ride to say the least, and depending on where this car ends up, it might be pretty much the only one around.

Check out the 1967 Renault Gordini R1135 here on eBay, where the reserve is not yet met at $10,600.


  1. To give you an idea, it’s not rare in France to see some r8 gordini (real one) be sold at 30 000 euros or even more depending the state !

  2. JEAN NOURA says:

    plz i need to know how much this car Renault Gordini 8 R1135

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