Like New – 1990 Ferrari F40

f40 supercar v-8 turbo wing

The F40 was always going to be a classic. It was built to celebrate the company’s fortieth anniversary in 1987 and was the last Ferrari to have input from Enzo himself before his death in 1988. It had two turbos and a genuine 201 mile per hour top speed. It made extensive use of carbon fiber and rode on center-locking wheels that looked like they came straight off of a Grand Prix car. In short, it was truly epic, and it’s just as epic today as it was back then.

Ferrari had been developing versions of the twin-turbo 288 GTO for use in Group B against cars like the advanced Porsche 959, but when the FIA killed that series the designers changed direction and looked to make a world-conquering supercar instead. Tweaked from the handful of 288 Evolutions that they had already built up, the new F40 had a four-cam V-8 with twin turbos, and though relatively small at 3.0 liters, it made 478 horsepower and 425 lb/ft of torque. Luckily for us, Pininfarina also provided that timeless angular styling to replace the awkward-looking bodywork of the 288 Evolution cars. The new body was also made of carbon fiber, a very exotic choice for the time, and was coated in very thin paint. These steps, combined with the spartan interior, helped the weight down to an incredible 2,400 pounds and allowed the aerodynamic car to sprint to 60 in under four seconds and go on to 200. There were other amazing cars that came out during this era, back when the super car was really establishing itself as an actual genre. The Jaguar XJ220 or the Porsche 959 come to mind, but none of them have lived up to the Ferrari. The F40 was the benchmark.


Ferrari built about 1,300 F40’s, way more than they planned, and most were cherished as the instant classics that they are. Few can compare to this example, however, which boasts just 473 original miles and hasn’t been used since it got its first service in 1992. After that, its first and only owner put it away until April of this year. To spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on something so magnificent and then barely use it for over fifteen years seems like such a waste, but that owner’s lack of attention will probably be to the new owner’s delight, as he or she will practically have a brand new, unspoiled Ferrari F40. And if the new owner still uses it sparingly, this car could make for a strong investment, as it is one of the most desirable examples of one of the most desirable cars ever made.

This 1990 Ferrari F40 is available at the upcoming Mecum Monterey Auction, scheduled for August 15-17, 2013. It carries a pre-sale estimate of $800,000-$1,000,000.


  1. After 20 years you wind her up in 3rd gear and ….poof…she vaporizes!! 🙂

  2. Anonymous says:

    think the first thing one should do is spend $150,000.00 and get it SERVICED!!

  3. Anonymous says:

    turn the key now and you might just ignite a hand grenade!!!

  4. imagine what the belts and seals are like.

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