Maziat? – 1959 Fiat 600

We’ve all heard about restomods like VTEC Mini-Coopers, Subaru-powered Beetles and LS-powered classic Camaros, but this is a little different. The combination of a ’59 Fiat 600 and a venerable 12A rotary from the early RX7 has resulted in what the seller describes as the “Maziat”, although Fazda, Fiazda, Mizat, or Mafiat would also be acceptable alternatives. This little hot rod of sorts certainly looks the part with a roll cage, custom interior, “radially ported” engine, VW Type 2 transaxle, custom exhaust, and custom aluminum radiator.

If the idea of a restomod appeals to you, it can be best to buy one that someone has already done. They can cost tens of thousands of dollars to do yourself and add little value if any at all to the car. The good thing about this Fiat is that it was built as a side project by a fellow who restores small classic Fiats, so it is the product of someone who knows what he’s doing. And with lots of power, short gearing and no weight, it’s got to be addictive to drive.

Check out the 1959 Fiat 600 here on eBay, where the starting bid is set at $20,000.


  1. Stephen Swain says:

    Sort of reminds me of a Fiat 600 I once saw with a 4-cam Porsche Carrera motor stuffed into it. It would wheelie.

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