Mini Champ – Ferrari 312 T2 Formula 1 Go Kart

‘Member that time your parents bought you that $28,000, intricately-detailed Ferrari 312 T2 go kart? Neither do we. But that’s no reason to deny your children the pleasure of seeing you drive one now. True, the small seating position requires Bikram-yoga-esque flexibility and the tires are probably as hard as the petrified forest the children will never see since you spent their summer road trip money. But that’s OK. One day the fam’ will grow to appreciate the remarkably detailed dashboard, heim-jointed suspension, accurate bodywork, hydraulic disc-brakes, center lock wheels and the world’s smallest rear sway bar. And until that day comes you’ll just have to wow them with wild, knees-to-armpits four wheel drifts up and down the driveway. Find the miniature racer here on eBay in St Louis, Missouri.


  1. Pretty darn Cool, but I think I would have to chop off a section of both legs to fit !

  2. Troller123 says:

    Is it still for sale? I love it!!!

  3. I would like to buy it

  4. Amazing scale copy from the original car! Is it for sale? I would like to buy it. Where can I find, please, informations concerning engine, bodywork dimension, builder Company, dealer Company et cetera? Best greetings. Robert

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