One and Only – 1966 Fiat 124 Touring Cabriolet

1966 Fiat 124 Touring CabrioletAt the 1966 Turin Motor Show, Carrozzeria Touring presented three new cars on its stand. One was an Aston Martin, one was a Lamborghini, and one was a more humble-looking little cabriolet, a Fiat 124. For the most part it was just a 124 sedan, a car that had itself just recently been introduced, with the roof cut off. It had pleasing if not exactly extravagant proportions, however, and unlike the other two cars on the Touring stand, it was a realistic machine with serious promise as a big seller. Most body panels were from the standard 124, but the doors were slightly larger and the windscreen was more aggressively raked. More significant changes, meanwhile, were not readily visible.

To maintain the rigidity lost by chopping the roof off, Touring reinforced the main side bars and put in a robust cross member behind the rear seats. Fiat’s test drivers then put the cabriolet through its paces, and the new car easily met with their approval. Touring had succeeded in making a fun, attractive open-top 124 comfortable and quiet to drive, an accomplishment that got them plenty of attention in Turin.

Even more importantly, they succeeded in making the 124 Cabriolet affordable. Because so much of the standard 124 was used, it was estimated to cost, with free hardtop, 1,300,000. Compared with the standard car’s price tag of 1,124,000 lire, the Cabriolet was as attractively priced as it was styled. Even after an encouraging 1,000 orders from dealers, however, a financially troubled Carrozzeria Touring couldn’t be saved, and the famous coachbuilder, pioneers of the superleggera construction technique, closed in late 1966. In the end, the Turin show car was the only 124 Cabriolet, and this is that car.

Probably the ultimate 124, it is also one of the very oldest in addition to being one of the very last Touring-bodied cars of all. Restored in 1988, it has clearly been well cared for and is a rolling piece of history worthy of any collection. No details about its ownership history or the restoration have been provided, but this is a unique opportunity, period. The Fiat 124 was one of most widely produced cars in history, but there is only one of these, and it is something else. With rich history and charm for days, it is well worth a look.

Check out the 1966 Fiat 124 Touring Cabriolet here on eBay, where the “Buy It Now” price is set at $200,000. It’s a lot for a 1.2-liter Fiat but, again, think of the history.


  1. Its a fucking lada

    • No, you goose, this is not a Lada. Both car are similar, but, only the chassis. The whole drive train is different. Even the joint point of the car body are different. Everything is different what is under the body. If you are hungarian, you should know this. Én is onnan vagyok. 🙂

  2. Just something interesting. In 1966 Russia bought the license of producing of these cars. They sold them as VAZ 2101 or LADA 1200. Later it was produced with 1.3,1.5 and 1.6 litre engines too. In my home, Hungary it these cars were used for police cars too. Present days a lot of these old cars are in use, the part for them are very very cheap.

  3. For $200K you could build 10 of these that would be virtually indistiguishable from the original version

  4. Wiley Robinson says:

    Hey, now I know what to do if I win that $636,000,000 Mega millions jackpot

  5. Lol, Rick is right. You can import a handfull of Ladas with all the chrome you wand and do some conversions. May be not 10 as fabrication will run you alot unless you do the work yourself.

  6. Stupid comments

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