Orange Perfection – 1972 Datsun 240Z

240ZIs this 1972 Datsun 240Z a Concours perfect car? Definitely not. Is this 1972 Datsun 240Z the perfect Z car? You’ve probably already guessed this very orange Datsun is, at least in our opinion, precisely the way a 240Z should be. Starting with a rust-free western shell it seems the builder of this Z car made all of the right decisions–right up until he decided to sell it.

We wouldn’t call a 240Z a rare care. If you live outside of the rust belt, first generation Datsun Z cars are actually still a relatively common sight. From when they were introduced for the 1970 model year on, the combination of good looks, decent performance and reasonable price made these cars a hot seller. Accordingly, their survival rate in places where they were not given the opportunity to rust into the ground is surprisingly high.

Even though you might not have a hard time locating a 240, 260, or 280Z in one of these areas, we’d guess you’d be looking quite a while before you found a car quite as nice as this Datsun. Starting with a California car, it would appear the seller spent quite a bit of money making this car more than just the average Z.

Outside the car was repainted, inside the interior was redone to factory new standard. Underneath the hood are a rebuilt L28 straight six and a brand new 5-speed transmission–both 280z spec–where there was once a 2.4L and a slushbox. And that was just the beginning judging from the list of new parts included in the listing. It appears bringing this 240z back to life was done thoroughly and with little regard for expense.

With this in mind we believe the seller when he said he built this 240Z to keep until he went to the grave. For whatever reason that plan has changed and the Datsun is now “very regrettably” up for sale. This means one lucky buyer in the market for a nice Z will the opportunity to benefit from a job very well done by the seller.

Admittedly this Z isn’t without some downside–according to the seller there are rattles coming from the window and door mechanisms that the seller hasn’t been able to solve yet. Seriously, that is the only problem listed with the car. The type of person who has exerted significant effort chasing a nagging rattle on a 41-year-old car is certainly the type of person we want to buy a car from.

Bidders seem to recognize the quality of this car as bidding on this Datsun has already been strong early. Admittedly it is more of a driver than a perfect show car but we’d guess you’d have a pretty hard time finding a nicer, better built 240Z than this one.

Find this 1972 Datsun 240Z on eBay here, where the bidding is at $7,000 with the reserve not yet met.

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