Renault-Powered Rarity – 1959 Bunce Buck

The 1950s were a ripe time in America for road racing specials, and crafty mechanics and engineers all across the country stitched together unique and successful machines. These home-grown cars were often concoctions of American, British, and sometimes Italian or German components, but this car is just a little bit outside the box.

Built by Ed Buck and Bill Bunce on the West Coast, this little special utilizes French power, in this case an 845 cc Gordini motor from a Dauphine, and is classified in SCCA H-Modified for small bore sports racers. It was raced and even driven on the street in period, but its history is unknown until a restoration during the last decade. You would usually want French styling and American power instead of the other way around, but this is a rather pretty if somewhat unusual little thing. It would make a great vintage racer for someone who fancies the quirks and oddities of racing history.

Check out the 1959 Bunce Buck here on eBay, where bidding is at $10,000.


  1. Hervé Smagghe says:

    L’un des problèmes est que le 1er Gordini n’est apparu sur la Dauphine qu’en ……..1964.
    Au final vendue sur EBay 14,1K$ le 31.1.14
    Dommage de ne pas connaitre son palmarès.
    La carrosserie est de chez Devin (polyester) ou en alu ?
    Bonne soirée.

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