SCD Motors Success – 1970 Honda N600 Finds New Home

The 1970 Honda N600 from our personal collection recently found a new owner through our friends at Bring a Trailer. The new caretaker, a Sports Car Digest reader and vintage racer no less, is a great collector with a micro-car collection of his own. The smile-inducing Honda was a joy to own and we hope the new owner enjoys it as much as we did.

The BaT auction was enjoyable, with superb commenters, multiple (real) bidders, active questions and a transparency that put us at ease. Better still, and similar to an in-person auction, it was … fun. If interested in the final sale price for the mighty Honda, visit the auction listing.

Not every car is an auction candidate, but for some it’s a great way to advertise your car. To find out more about our decision to auction the Honda or how we can help you appropriately market your interesting automobile, Click Here.

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