SCD Private Collection – 1970 Honda N600 Sedan

1970 Honda N600 Sedan

  • Matching-numbers example restored by Tim Mings of Merciless Mings, the leading authority in on N600 cars
  • Originally a Southern California example before moving to North Carolina in 2008
  • Recently participated in the 2015 Pinehurst Concours d’Elegance ‘Micro-car’ class

The Honda N600 was developed in parallel with the N360, which was a “kei” car and fit into the home market tax legislation, limiting displacement to 360 cubic centimeters and the length to 10 feet. The N360 used a 354 cc, two-cylinder power plant not unlike what was being used in their two-wheeled cousins, with the N600 being built for the export markets that demanded higher top speeds. The “N” prefix stands for norimono, or vehicle.

The N600 was introduced to the USA in 1969 as a 1970 model, and was the first Honda automobile to be officially imported to the United States. Honda of North America initially sold these N600 through their motorcycle dealer network for approximately $1,250 USD.

The N600 was technologically advanced for its time, with an all-alloy, air-cooled 600cc engine that could achieve 9,000 rpm. Engine output was 45 hp, enough to propel the 1,300 N600 to a blistering zero to sixty mph time of 19.1 seconds onto a stunning 81 mph top speed.


  1. George Scott says:

    Price? Location?
    George Scott

  2. Armando reyes says:

    Disculpe la molestia, pero pregunto si este Honda esta a la venta?, si es así: Cuál es su precio?

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