SCD Private Collection – 1975 Porsche 911 RS 3.0 Hot Rod

1975 Porsche 911 RS 3.0 Tribute

  • Original Viper Green Metallic on Tan color combination; Northern California car since new
  • Recent restoration overseen by John Schaefer of Brumos Porsche
  • Aluminum-case, twin-plug 3.5-liter engine built by marque specialist, Jerry Woods Enterprises
  • Extensively modified suspension, braking and cooling systems
  • 3.0 RS/early Turbo steel front and rear factory flares
  • Factory 15″ Fuchs wheels wearing Michelin TB15 tires

The Porsche 911 continues to represent a perfect platform that lends itself to extensive development. Similar to Porsche’s racing department in period, many owners and hot-rodders are further developing their personal 911s to resemble some of the creatures that crawled out of Weissach.

This example started life as a humble 175hp 1975 911S when it rolled off the assembly line in Zuffenhausen. Now with its Carrera RSR cylinder heads, high-compression Mahle pistons, large capacity Weber carburetors and twin-plug ignition system, this fire-breathing 911 backs up its menacing appearance and offers sensations one could expect from a road-going Carrera RS 3.0.

With the right 911 Carrera RS 3.0 now trading at a seven-digit price, a hot-rod 911 similar to this represents the ability to taste the experience these legendary cars offered, but without the guilt and cost associated with owning what is now a historical artifact.


  1. Ken Ellaway says:

    Great to see the Viper Green Metallic colour, represented here.I’m lucky enough to have owned since 1985,a 1977 Carrera 3.0,in Viper Green Metallic.The Porsche Club Of Victoria (Australia) held our 40th Anniversary on the 20th Sept at a beautiful winery in the Yarra Valley.Just on 500 members attended and boy!,was the car/colour combo a hit.Great interest,as she is so original,even down to the Pioneer Radio/Cassette
    player.Just covered 2000 kms,after a total engine re-build with a few more modern bits included.

  2. Andrew Hobbs says:

    Really enjoyed seeing this guy in person at Luft. I must have circled it a half dozen times throughout the day.

  3. By seeing your asking price, I feel by my direction to keep my car as true to its build specs is a good direction.
    From all the engine & body revisions of your ‘beautiful example’ of a 3.0 RS, it’s a beautiful car. Good job!

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