SCD Private Collection – 1995 Porsche 911 Carrera

Update, April 12th, 2016: The 993 Coupe has been sold to a Sports Car Digest reader. We hope you enjoy it!

1995 Porsche 911 Carrera Coupe

  • Less than 35,000 miles from new
  • Midnight Blue Metallic on Marble Grey color combination
  • Unmolested, totally original example

Porsche’s 993 variant of their ubiquitous 911 range was really destined to be a collector’s item. As the book-end to their famous, air-cooled design, the 993 spelled the end of a special generation for the Stuttgart brand. With much of the original 911s carcass still retained, the 993 was the most highly developed version of the then 30-year-old design. Clothed in sexy sheet metal, this ‘new’ 911 offered up many of the technologies learned from decades of motorsport, while still providing that familiar, classic qualities that made the rear-engined car famous.

Emerging from Zuffenhausen on November, 1994, this 1995 model-year Carrera has become coveted because of its ’95-only characteristics. The most basic of the range, these early 993 models lacked the frustrating anti-theft immobilizer and troubled emissions equipment that would appear on later 1996-on 993s. These cars now represent the purest form of a 993 available in North America, and are more desirable because of it.

Our Carrera lived a sheltered life prior to our purchase, but has now been carefully woken up, extensively maintained and regularly used. With its excellent air-conditioning, comfortable ride quality and useful power band, this 911 is the perfect antithesis to a hard-edged early car, while still offering the feel and sensations expected with air-cooled 911s.

Sports Car Digest’s own 1995 Porsche 911 Carrera is offered at $65,000 USD. It is located at our climate-controlled garage in Charlotte, NC. Pre-purchase inspections are strongly encouraged. We will happily assist with shipping worldwide.

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