Signed by Senna and Piquet – 1986 Randy Owens Formula 1 Prints

We all certainly like our cars, but no garage or library would be complete without some nice, collectible pieces of automobilia or automotive artwork. The two serigraphs make up a pair of works completed by renowned motorsports artist Randy Owens during the 1986 Formula One season, and both are numbered 32 of 99 examples. One features Ayrton Senna in the glorious black and gold Lotus 98T that brought him so much success that year, while the other features Nelson Piquet in the FW11 that brought Williams the Constructors’ Championship. They are done in a more whimsical style than some of Owens’ more realistic-looking later works, with the focus close on the car and driver in front of a bright, multicolored and somewhat abstract background.

This set rarely comes up for sale, and it’s easy to see why. Each piece is signed by a three-time World Champion, and artistically they are much more interesting than many of the other more drab pieces of modern racing artwork.

Check out the pair (and they are only available as a pair) here on eBay, where the starting bid is set at $750.00.


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