Stylish Swede – 1971 Volvo P1800 E

volvoFor decades Volvo meant several things–safe, reliable, and perhaps most notably boxy. The one stylish exception in a sea of brick-like Swedish cars was the surprisingly beautiful Volvo P1800 E.

While it’s hard to pass by any example of the smooth Swede this particular car was a little more interesting than the average P1800 E. It would seem this particular car has no shortage of positives mixed in with a few negatives.

It’s rust free, runs and drives great with working O/D behind a 4 speed, has spent its life in a heated garage and comes with five figures worth of receipts. The current seller claims “original owner father to son” which we take to mean this car spent most of its life in the same family. Presumably the current owner has only traveled 50 test miles in the car.

While we see cars offered for sale on a relatively regular basis by people who haven’t spent a lot of time driving them the limited experience is enough to make you question the description a little bit. Also to a little bit questionable are the missing title and TMU sale status, especially considering the (presumably) recent transfer of ownership.

Even with all of this in mind, if you were in market for a P1800 E this one certainly appears to be a prime candidate to fill a garage spot. We’re guessing a simple phone call could provide a lot of clarification in making a final determination as to whether this car is exactly as nice as it would seem from the description. Seeing a few extra pictures certainly wouldn’t hurt either.

The opening bid on this No Reserve auction was $5000 which would have been an unbelievable steal for this car. It looks like bidders agreed with this assessment as it wasn’t listed for long before the price of the car shot to over double the opening bid.

Where the bidding will end depends largely on what the additional information on this car suggests about it. Whatever this car may or may not be it is without a doubt (at least to us) an interesting example of the most stylish Volvo we’ve ever seen.

Find this 1971 Volvo P1800 E here on eBay where bidding is currently at $10,102.


  1. Karl Pallastrini says:

    Great car because of Volvo reliability and attention to function. Not as cool as the Volvo P 1800 ES which was the wagon version. Who doesn’t love volvo’s????

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