Super Rare – 1960 Porsche 356 Super 90 Roadster Barn Find

s905Any Porsche 356 is an amazing little sports car. Vintage Porsche-philes have known it since the cars were new, but judging by their skyrocketing prices the collector car world at large has really caught on to this fact over the past few years. Any 356 is a desirable car most car lovers would be thrilled to park in their garage.

What you are looking at here however is far from just any 356. What looks like a typical 356B in need of some serious love is anything but. Decades ago the person who bought this car new wanted a new Porsche with more power. In 1960 if you were standing at a Porsche dealership with such a desire (and the funds to back it up) you were driving home with the car seen here–a Super 90 roadster.

After Porsche ended Carrera 4-cam production in 1959 the Super 90 option was introduced to satisfy the person who wanted a 356 with more power. Named for the 90 horsepower the new engine offered compared with the stock 60 as long as the prospective buyer was willing to pay a premium for it.

According to the 356 Registry only 1528 Roadsters were produced in 1960. Although it isn’t known exactly how many of these were Super 90s, it certainly seems not many buyers opted for the extra horsepower (and expense). Accordingly a roadster that left the factory with a Super 90 engine is an extremely desirable car even when it’s in less than perfect condition like the example seen here.

Unearthed by the seller from years of dry storage this car isn’t quite “barn fresh” but it certainly isn’t too far off. A quick review of the car reveals a Porsche that will surely benefit from the restoration it will undoubtedly receive once it finds a new owner. As the seller points out this 356 is the rare car that actually might be able to absorb the cost of a high end restoration.

With this in mind, it’s easy to see this car is a prime candidate for exactly that kind of treatment. This Super 90 is complete and hasn’t been messed with previously. We’d bet the turn-around from barn find to Concours show car will be a (relatively) quick and easy one.

Before someone can start writing checks to bring this rare Super 90 back to life, they’re going to have to write a pretty significant one to bring home this ratty roadster–bidding is currently at $75,300 with over three days to go on the auction.

We’d venture a guess that the person in pursuit of a car like this isn’t too concerned about the purchase price or the cost of the restoration though, they’re likely just dreaming of their first ride in this rare Super 90 roadster.

Find this 1960 Porsche 356 Super 90 Roadster Barn Find on eBay here.

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