Swedish Rarity – 1967 Volvo Amazon 123GT

Not exactly a sports car, the Volvo Amazon looks like a big American sedan and has the historically important but decidedly un-sexy distinction of being the first car with 3-point seat belts fitted as standard equipment. It is, however, an undeniably pretty car, and it has that admirable ruggedness that you’d expect from a Volvo of this vintage, so the Amazon has seen its fair share of road courses and rally stages over the years.

Probably the most desirable 120 Series car is the 123GT, equipped with a high-compression B18 motor out of Volvo’s P1800. It’s a very rare sight in the States, but here we have a legitimate, largely original Swedish market example for sale in Washington State. A later B20 motor is installed currently, but the original engine runs and comes with the sale, as do “nearly enough parts to build a second car”. ┬áThere is some quite noticeable rust in the body and the floor, but at least the seller seems to know these cars pretty well, which is always reassuring when buying an unrestored classic.

Check out the 1967 Volvo Amazon 123GT here on eBay, where bidding has reached $4,555.


  1. How does one prove that a 2 Door 122 is or is not a 123GT. I have a 122 that has a 4 speed gear box (M41); unusual suspension, torsion bar, etc., a Tachometer on the instrument pane, and 123 GT emblems in the trunk. Is there a model number some place that would identify a 123GT?


    Bill Tylee

  2. code numbers.look in the 123gt registry on the web.

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