Thoughtfully Preserved – 1961 Ferrari 250 GT Series II Cabriolet

A 250 Ferrari of any kind is hard not to love. The 3.0-liter V-12 is one of the greatest engines ever put into an automobile, and the different styles of bodywork that were fitted over the years are some of the prettiest shapes ever laid over the top of one. The 250 GT Cabriolet is no exception. Although it was more comfortable and less explicitly sporty than some of its siblings, the Cabriolet nevertheless shared the intoxicating wail of the … [Read more...]

Unrestored, Unused, Unsoiled – 1967 Chevrolet Corvette Coupe

It is both baffling and somewhat reassuring that many fantastic classic cars were bought new for not insignificant sums of money and then used so sparingly, a few miles at a time, that years later they are almost completely unspoiled. This car is a particularly extreme example of that strange habit. In 1966, a 30 year old US Marine went to Vegas, won $5,000 in a slot machine, and bought his dream car. It was a 1967 Corvette Coupe finished in … [Read more...]

Nazi Wheels – 1938 Maybach SW38 Pullman

Long before we saw Rick Ross rolling in a Maybach (seven decades before, to be more accurate), the German firm was already famous for its super-expensive and opulent luxury motorcars. One of their grandest offerings of all was the SW38, introduced in 1936 and the last new Maybach before the outbreak of the Second World War. Available with 3.5, 3.8 or 4.2-liter straight-sixes and either as a sedan or a cabriolet, the SW38 was said to be able to … [Read more...]

Objet d’Art – 1938 Delage D8-120 Aerosport Coupe

By 1935 Delage, a renowned builder of both racing and grand luxury machines that had very early on demonstrated the value of motorsports success to car sales, was in serious financial trouble. To make things confusing, Delage was bought that year by the similarly named Delahaye, but the Delage brand remained. Delage's first new design under its new owners was the D8-120, the only 8-cylinder offering in either company's range and an instant … [Read more...]

Fetching Feline – 1938 Jaguar SS 100

With its huge Lucas headlamps, deep-set grille and sharply curved fenders, the SS 100 is undoubtedly one of the prettiest prewar sports cars, but it is also one of the most potent. With a 3,485 cc straight-six, the 2,600 horsepower SS 100 had 125 horsepower on tap and, as its name implies, could reach the then magic number of 100 miles per hour. Long before the glory days of the XK's and C/D-Types in motorsport, the SS 100 was making the … [Read more...]

Flawless Feline – 1967 Jaguar E-Type Roadster

The E-Type Jag has been written about and fawned over countless times. Most rave reviews speak to the car's astounding beauty, but the feline sports car was of course about more than just good looks. Aerodynamics and a hotter version of the venerable XK engine made for a top speed of 150 miles per hour, and the E-Type had some fairly exotic bits for the time like fully independent suspension and inboard disc brakes at the rear. This big, powerful … [Read more...]

The Only Zagato – 1955 Maserati A6G/2000 Spider

Perhaps it was luck that Maserati‚Äôs most celebrated chassis was built during the time of a critical phase of innovation and evolution of Italian coachbuilders. The bodies that were now constructed were largely departed from the projecting wings and angular shapes of the 1930s, and they were more extravagant and daring in design. A variety of different bodies were constructed for Maserati by a plethora of coachbuilders, including Farina, Frua, … [Read more...]

Touring Treasure – 1947 Alfa Romeo 6C 2500 Berlinetta

Like so many of the great names in the automotive business of Continental Europe, Alfa Romeo could not  and did not avoid the grim political and economic realities surrounding the Second World War. The company was technically controlled by the Mussolini government from 1932, and the factory fell victim to Allied bombing during the war. Afterwards, during the immediate postwar years, Alfa struggled to find a proper niche for itself in terms … [Read more...]

Like New – 1990 Ferrari F40

The F40 was always going to be a classic. It was built to celebrate the company's fortieth anniversary in 1987 and was the last Ferrari to have input from Enzo himself before his death in 1988. It had two turbos and a genuine 201 mile per hour top speed. It made extensive use of carbon fiber and rode on center-locking wheels that looked like they came straight off of a Grand Prix car. In short, it was truly epic, and it's just as epic today as it … [Read more...]

A Rare Gem – 1951 Siata Daina Cabriolet

Siata, which in Italian stands for Societa Italiana Auto Transformazioni Accessori, made everything from simple speed parts to the unpopular Spring roadster, but it's for their glorious little 1950s sports cars that they're best known. Siatas in general are quite highly prized in the "etceterini" category, and the Daina is one of the handful of models from the company's golden years. It was a large car by Siata standards but was still … [Read more...]

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