SCD Motors Success – 1970 Honda N600 Finds New Home

The 1970 Honda N600 from our personal collection recently found a new owner through our friends at Bring a Trailer. The new caretaker, a Sports Car Digest reader and vintage racer no less, is a great collector with a micro-car collection of his own. The smile-inducing Honda was a joy to own and we hope the new owner enjoys it as much as we did. The BaT auction was enjoyable, with superb commenters, multiple (real) bidders, active questions and … [Read more...]

Bring a Trailer Auction – 1970 Honda N600 Sedan

1970 Honda N600 Sedan Example of the first Honda automobile officially sold in United States First model year N600 sold in United States Completely restored by Honda N/Z600 specialist, Merciless Mings Numbers-matching example with Southern California ownership history Currently offered for sale at Bring a Trailer Honda. The name is attached to such a wide variety of products that it's really easier to ask what aren’t they … [Read more...]

SCD Private Collection – 1970 Honda N600 Sedan

1970 Honda N600 Sedan Matching-numbers example restored by Tim Mings of Merciless Mings, the leading authority in on N600 cars Originally a Southern California example before moving to North Carolina in 2008 Recently participated in the 2015 Pinehurst Concours d'Elegance 'Micro-car' class The Honda N600 was developed in parallel with the N360, which was a "kei" car and fit into the home market tax legislation, limiting displacement to … [Read more...]

Gem From Japan – 1966 Honda S800

Honda's first foray into sports cars started with the S500 in 1963 and ended when the S800 went out of production in 1970. The diminutive little two seaters were undeniably handsome although almost comically small, and the S600 gave Honda its first victory on four wheels at the Nurburgring in 1964. In typical Honda fashion, these cars offered a wonderful combination of fun and reliability with clever engineering that squeezed a lot of power out … [Read more...]

Not Your Mom’s Honda – 1966 Honda S600 Coupe

Honda's first victory on four wheels wasn't with one of their mighty V-12 Formula One cars but with a pint-sized S600 sports car. The track was the Nurburgring, the driver was Denny Hulme, and the year was 1964. The middle child in the series of Honda sports cars that progressed from S500 to S800, the S600 was typical Honda: cleverly engineered, reliable and fun. The 606 cc motor made 57 horsepower at a screaming 8,500 rpm with the interesting … [Read more...]

Maziat? – 1959 Fiat 600

We've all heard about restomods like VTEC Mini-Coopers, Subaru-powered Beetles and LS-powered classic Camaros, but this is a little different. The combination of a '59 Fiat 600 and a venerable 12A rotary from the early RX7 has resulted in what the seller describes as the "Maziat", although Fazda, Fiazda, Mizat, or Mafiat would also be acceptable alternatives. This little hot rod of sorts certainly looks the part with a roll cage, custom interior, … [Read more...]

Orange Perfection – 1972 Datsun 240Z

Is this 1972 Datsun 240Z a Concours perfect car? Definitely not. Is this 1972 Datsun 240Z the perfect Z car? You've probably already guessed this very orange Datsun is, at least in our opinion, precisely the way a 240Z should be. Starting with a rust-free western shell it seems the builder of this Z car made all of the right decisions--right up until he decided to sell it. … [Read more...]

GTU For You – 1980 Nissan 200SX

The IMSA series of old gave the world some spectacular racing and some even more spectacular cars. From CSL BMW's and Corvettes to the ground-pounding GTP cars, IMSA cars of the '70s and '80s are quite fondly remembered. Some are more noteworthy than others, though, and this little Nissan is certainly not one of the icons from that era. Located in Jupiter, Florida, it's a wild-looking Nissan 200SX that originally raced as in independent in IMSA's … [Read more...]

Tuner Treat – 1975 Mazda RX-4

This one is pretty different for SCD Motors, but the types of cars out there are as diverse as the people who own them and sometimes an unusual vehicle will catch our eye, even if it doesn't quite suit our taste. The RX-4 was Mazda's larger rotary-powered offering in the 1970s, but there's not really anything '70s about this example, located in Arcadia, California. … [Read more...]

Troyota – 1964 Triumph TR4

There's no denying that driving one of the great old British sports cars (MG, Healey, Lotus, etc.) is a fun experience, but actual ownership of these machines can be somewhat of a headache. There's rust, there's the parts hunt, and of course there's the mysterious odors and smokes. The weak spot is often the engine. After all, many are over fifty years old and of a design that dates back to World War II or even earlier, so they require more TLC … [Read more...]

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