Currently Seeking at SCD Motors – March 2015

SCD Motors is seeking the following cars for Sports Car Digest readers and for our own stable. If you own one of these automobiles or know of an example that fits the criteria, please contact us directly at with as much information on the car as possible, including pictures and asking price. Alternatively, let us also know if you would like your dream car added to the list. Submissions will remain private. German … [Read more...]

Retired Racer – 1964 MGB Project

MG built over 510,000 examples of the MGB Roadster and GT, making it the top selling British sports car ever. It was cheap, fun and easy on the eyes. It was the Miata of the '60s. The B was a popular choice for the track, too, and it remains popular to this day. Thanks to the high number of cars to choose from and the relatively high availability of parts, it's a perfect starter car for people just venturing into classic car ownership as well as … [Read more...]

Double Bubble, In Trouble – 1959 Lancia Flaminia Zagato

Introduced in 1957, the Lancia Flaminia was initially only offered as a berlina, but soon a coupe by Pinin Farina was available and eventually a shorter wheelbase Flaminia sport with achingly beautiful alloy bodywork by Zagato that featured the Milanese coachbuilder's signature "double bubble" roof. Less than 600 Flaminia Sports and Super Sports were constructed before the model's demise in 1967, making them one of the more desirable Lancias of … [Read more...]

A Senior Junior – 1959 Lancia Dagrada Formula Junior

Formula Junior, the fondly remembered but unfortunately short-lived racing series that lasted from 1958 to 1963, brought about many nifty and beautiful designs from all over Europe and North America. The series was first initiated by an Italian and the series first found popularity there, so Italian machines dominated the early days of FJ. Predictably, the Italian cars were also the prettiest. Many of them look like scaled-down versions of the … [Read more...]

Forlorn Frogeye – 1964 Austin-Healey Sprite

This mishmash of Sprite parts comes all the way from Nebraska, where we find yet another restoration started but unfinished. The chassis and bodywork are a 1964 example, while the nose is from the much more charming and almost universally adored Bugeye, or Frogeye in the UK (1958-1961). Before stopping due to age and health, the seller had gathered extra doors and fenders, a new convertible top and new interior bits. It also has a side draft … [Read more...]

Picked Clean – 1984 Lotus Esprit Turbo

Have you ever seen one of those nature programs where a buffalo gets taken down by a large cat and then is progressively scavenged until all that's left is bare bones and a few hanging strips of flesh? Well, this is kind of like that, but in car form. Once a 1984 Lotus Esprit Turbo, it was bought as a parts car for a rebuild on another Esprit. Now there's not much that remains, just the frame, body (damaged in an engine fire), suspension pieces, … [Read more...]

Incomplete Outlaw – 1957 Porsche 356A Coupe

It's not exactly breaking news that a lot of classic car values have shot way up over the last few years, but this is especially true of 356 Porsches. You could buy a lightly used and fairly recent 911 for what some of the roughest 356s are going for. This project 1957 356A Coupe out of Braselton, Georgia is a good example. What is tempting about it, however, is that although it's currently apart, it's also a project that has been started and it … [Read more...]

It Used to be Green – 1964 Jaguar E-Type Roadster

This car had a lot going for it at one time. A 3.8-liter Series I Roadster, it's among the most desirable XKEs of them all, and its original color combination of Opalescent Dark Green over a Suede Green interior must have been lovely when it was delivered in November of 1963. The years have not been kind to this one, though. But while it is rough, it is also worth saving. It looks mostly complete, is matching numbers with a Jaguar Heritage … [Read more...]

Some Assembly Required – 1959 Abarth 750 GT

In the 1950s world of small sports car racing, Abarth was the car to beat, and in the incredibly prolific world of Italian coachbuilders, Zagato was among the top names. The Abarth 750 platform began naturally enough as another of Abarth’s hotted-up Fiat offerings. Abarth took the newly introduced Fiat 600 sedan, bored out the engine to 747 cc, and squeezed out another 20 horsepower to bring the total to around 42. The next step for making … [Read more...]

Lovely But Unloved – 1960 Triumph Italia 2000

Numerous small batches of Italian-bodied British and American cars have come about over the years. Ghia did some for Chrysler, Bertone did some for Arnolt/MG, and Vignale did some, like this car, for Triumph. The concept for the Italia actually came from Italian Triumph distributor Salvatore Ruffino, who strongly believed that there were customers out there who wanted the rugged mechanicals of the standard TR3 but with a little bit of that … [Read more...]

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