Retired Racer – 1964 MGB Project

MG built over 510,000 examples of the MGB Roadster and GT, making it the top selling British sports car ever. It was cheap, fun and easy on the eyes. It was the Miata of the '60s. The B was a popular choice for the track, too, and it remains popular to this day. Thanks to the high number of cars to choose from and the relatively high availability of parts, it's a perfect starter car for people just venturing into classic car ownership as well as … [Read more...]

Unconventional, Never Raced – 1968 Shelby Turbine Indy Car

Indianapolis, more than any other race track, has had an interesting relationship with turbine-powered race cars. The 500 was very nearly won by turbines in both 1967 and '68, and for a short time turbines looked like they could be the way of the future at the Brickyard. By 1969, however, the USAC had issued rule changes that effectively rendered them uncompetitive and relegated them to footnote status in the history books. While turbines were … [Read more...]

West Coast Warrior – 1954 Ferrari 375 MM

The 375 MM effectively combined the race-proven chassis from the 340 with the 4.5-liter 340 horsepower V-12 from Ferrari's ill-fated Indianapolis car. Most examples had either spider or berlinetta bodywork by Pinin Farina, and they were used to great success on both sides of the Atlantic, even helping to secure enough points in international competition for Ferrari to win the Manufacturer's Championship in 1953 and 1954. Only around sixteen … [Read more...]

Formula B Weapon – 1971 Brabham BT35

The Brabham BT35 and BT36 were the last tube frame formula cars designed by Ron Tauranac and constructed by Motor Racing Developments in 1971 before they progressed to a stressed skin monocoque design. 1971 was also a formative time in formula car racing, as all the major manufacturers were adapting wings and big slick tires to both new and existing chassis, making cornering speeds rise drastically. But like the BT21, BT29 and BT30 before it, the … [Read more...]

Ex-Peter Revson – 1972 McLaren M20 Can-Am

The orange cars from McLaren were the ones to beat in the glory days of Can-Am, as the M8 and its derivatives steamrolled the competition and as its two star drivers, McLaren and Hulme, put on the "Bruce and Denny Show". That kind of dominance in racing never lasts forever, of course,  and in McLaren's case it was Porsche, a late comer to the Can-Am party, that posed the biggest threat yet seen in the series. McLaren stood up to the … [Read more...]

First Fuelie? – 1957 Chevrolet Corvette Factory Race Car

We really want this listing to be real. What the seller is representing is one of the most desirable Corvettes of all, the 1957 Corvette Factory Race car, that debuted at the Nassau races in December of 1956. That would make it the first fuel-injected example of its kind with the prototype Rochester system, and it is in completely original condition, having been in storage since about the time of the AMA racing ban and not even started since … [Read more...]

A Senior Junior – 1959 Lancia Dagrada Formula Junior

Formula Junior, the fondly remembered but unfortunately short-lived racing series that lasted from 1958 to 1963, brought about many nifty and beautiful designs from all over Europe and North America. The series was first initiated by an Italian and the series first found popularity there, so Italian machines dominated the early days of FJ. Predictably, the Italian cars were also the prettiest. Many of them look like scaled-down versions of the … [Read more...]

Runoff Ready – 1962 MG Midget

The smaller bore production classes in the SCCA can be great because they provide a great range of cars. All sorts of shapes, sizes, ages and countries of origin compete, and often cars from fifty years ago are still competitive (with some modern modifications) even today. It's just very cool to think that you could be as competitive on a national level with a humble old Spridget as you would be with a much newer Miata or Honda CRX. And with this … [Read more...]

Paul Newman Porsche – 1969 Porsche 911S

Back in April, the Paul Newman/Bill Freeman 911S that the pair raced at Sebring in 1977 failed to sell at Mecum's sale in Houston at a hammer bid of $325,000. Now, there's another chance at a Newman/Freeman 911S that is apparently still owned by Newman Freeman Racing. This one is significantly less desirable, but it's also significantly cheaper. Whereas the Houston car was driven by Newman at one of the more prestigious endurance road … [Read more...]

Pumped Up Pantera – 1977 De Tomaso Pantera Group 5/Group C

This car really is like no other De Tomaso in the world. Built from a Pantera to Group 5 specifications and bodied by Mauro Sacchetti, formerly of Fantuzzi, it raced at Le Mans and was campaigned further in Italy and the rest of Europe before being sold to Auto Elite in Maranello during 1981. They rebuilt the car to Group C specifications and, being a production car-based machine up against the purpose-built monsters of Group C in the early … [Read more...]

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