Take it to Trial – 1933 MG J2

1933 MG J2 Period Race PhotosMG’s J-Type, in its various guises, had a relatively short lifespan from 1932 to 1934. When compared to the impressive run of the T-Series or the incredible eighteen years of the MGB, the J-Type seems like a flash in the pan, but it was nevertheless an important contribution to the MG story and really one of the quintessential small sports cars of the 1930s. The J2 especially was a nice representation of what MG as most of us know and love it was all about. Its sub-£200 price tag and modest but enjoyable performance would help define MG right up until the end, while the styling set a basic trend that would last until the MGA replaced the T-Series in 1955.

And like so many other cars wearing the MG octagon, the J2 was a popular choice for competition. The supercharged J3 and J4 were more potent versions of the J-Type, but the more affordable J2 was much more common and still quite suitable for many of the British and European racing venues of the era. One of the most popular ways to compete in the 1930s was in trials, and the car featured here, located in Bethel, Connecticut, has a documented trials history from the UK during that bygone era.

The seller lists six trials that his car, chassis number J3506, competed in during 1933 and 1934. Also included are great receipts and documents from the period, items that you are not always lucky enough to get with competition cars this old. It is listed as the recipient of an older restoration so maybe it’s not concours-ready, but still looks quite straight. It features the full-length wings and running boards that replaced the earlier cycle fenders, nice two-tone paint with matching wire wheels, and what look to be all the correct matching numbers. Add in the eighty year old racing history and this car is a real artifact from one of motorsport’s favorite names.

Check out the 1933 MG J2 here on eBay, where the “Buy It Now” price is set at $44,500, and bidding has reached $12,100.

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