Orange Crush – 1970 Porsche 914-6

This 1970 Porsche 914-6 is the real deal, having left Stuggart with a six-cylinder engine and the uber-desirable color combination of signal orange over black.  Now in the midst of a conversion to full GT spec with a host of rare, OEM components, the Porsche waits for someone to complete its restoration here on eBay, in Tampa Bay, Florida, with the reserve not yet met at $5,100.

For better or worse, Porsche 914s have long been a kind of gearhead guilty pleasure.  So while their light weight, fine balance, and go-kart like handling made them genuine drivers’ cars, their unique styling and kaleidoscope of 70s colors seemed to many as tasteful as white vinyl shoes and pork chop sideburns.  Thankfully, however, those days are long gone and 914s of all kinds are appreciated for both their period-perfect looks and fantastic driving dynamics.

In both the looks and driving departments, this Porsche 914-6 GT promises much.  In addition to it retaining its original engine and transmission cases, the 914-6 sports a veritable checklist of rare and expensive factory GT components.  Factory metal flares barely cover wide Fuchs and Panasport alloy wheels.  A GT frame-strengthening kit firms up the chassis and provides a strong platform for spherical-bushed trailing arms and Bilstein shocks. 911S brake calipers slow the front wheels while rare 914-6GT calipers handle the rears.  Without covering every component we’ll just say that, if as advertised, this is a collection of parts that would take an incredible amount of time and money to gather, if they could be gathered at all.

Aesthetically, this 914-6 is just as impressive.  The signal orange paint—the original color of the 914-6 GT racecars—looks fantastic and the black leatherette race seat and double wrapped GT steering wheel should fill out the small interior nicely.  Throw in the Cibie fog lights and reproduction sponsor decals and this 914-6 GT is likely to grab everyone’s attention.

If we could design a Porsche 914 for ourselves, this would be it: a genuine 914-6 with great original options and a cache of GT goodies.  And while considerable work remains, the effort will no doubt be well rewarded.

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