Transported Back In Time – 1959 Fiat 306/2 Bartoletti

The only thing more impressive than the size of this 1959 Fiat 306/2 Bartoletti Transporter is a provenance that includes names like Maserati, Reventlow, Shelby, and Steve McQueen.

Real provenance is rare. Few cars were ever capable of performing at the highest level and fewer still were owned or occupied by legendary drivers or team owners. Quite the thrill then, to find this Bartoletti Transporter spent more then ten years surrounded by some most important personalities in the history of motorsport.

New in 1959, the Bartoletti saw use transporting Maserati’s 250 Formula One cars to races throughout Europe. Then American Lance Reventlow purchased the transporter for the 1960 season and used it to carry his Scarab F1 cars to Grands Prix at Monaco, Holland, Belgium and France. For most vehicles, of course, this would be considered significant provenance. For the Bartoletti, however, its story is only starting.

After Reventlow wound down the production of his Scarab race cars, the transporter was sold to Carroll Shelby who was just beginning to transform the sports car world. Loaded with Cobra roadsters and the later Daytona Coupes, the bright blue transporter no doubt came to be feared by the competitors regularly losing to Shelby’s squad. Then, after Shelby, the Bartoletti would enter its most public role and appear as both an American team bus and a Ferrari Transporter in Steve McQueen’s Le Mans.

Since these historic appearances the Bartoletti has undergone a comprehensive, 8,000 hour restoration to the livery it wore during its days as a Shelby transporter and has appeared—loaded with Scarab race cars no less—on the lawn at Pebble Beach. Today it stands ready for display at the world’s finest venues and is certainly the best way to transport any 60s Shelby to the track. Find the Bartoletti for auction here at RM’s upcoming Monterey sale.


  1. Thom Martin says:

    Oh, heavens yes…just to sit inside with a glass of bourbon and imagine the many conversations that echoed off the walls of the transporter. (Not to mention the engine noises…)

  2. Beautiful!

  3. Marvin Waters says:

    Lynn Park needs to own this transporter!

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