Triumphant Two-Stroke – 1960 Saab 93F

Back when Saab was interesting, and alive, they made distinctive little cars like the 93 and 96. The 93 was the first Saab to be exported and the unique shape, powered by a tiny-three cylinder two-stroke, has made the car a bit of a cult classic. The car presented here, a 1960 93F, is from the last year of the 93’s production before it was replaced by the 96. The most unique thing about it, though, is that it is strictly set up for vintage racing. Two-strokes don’t usually come to mind when you think of motorsports, but the 93 actually had quite a bit of success in road races and rallies in Europe during the 1950s. This little Saab, located in Poughkeepsie, NY, would therefore be a great way to thrash around with other small-bore production cars.

According to the seller:

1960 Saab 93F Vintage Racing CarThis rare bright yellow 1960 SAAB 93F vintage 2-stroke was originally built by Craig Disney and Randy Cook.  Car was built for Craig to drive and compete with Randy in Central Florida Region Vintage SCCA events.

During construction the car was fitted with fuel cell, master battery cut-off switch, roll-bar with added driver’s side bar (roll-bar is stamped with SCCA Central Florida Region ID#, as noted in the SCCA logbook), front disc brakes, dual master cylinder, 5 point racing harness, SAAB Sonett driver’s seat and steering wheel, and outfitted with 4 speed transmission and type 3 rear drum brakes.  Car was also lowered during this period.

Later updates done by Craig were the addition of the VW Scirrocco cross-flow radiator, electric cooling fan, Pertronix ignition with Accel supercoil and VW Super Beetle brake master cylinder.

Present reconstruction of the car includes installation of 850 cc premix engine, new clutch disc, refinishing of hood, roof, trunk lid, right rear fender, and left front fender with acrylic enamel paint, and 4 new white vinyl blank number circles.

I welcome any questions about the car.  I currently possess too many vintage SAAB race and street cars!  One of the SAAB race cars I own and personally race is an orange 1960 SAAB 93F #251, which I have road raced at Watkins Glen, Sebring, VIR, Summit Point, Road America and Mid-Ohio.  I also drive the SAAB at Pennsylvania Hillclimb Association events which include Giants Despair, Weatherly, Pagoda, Duryea, Rose Valley, and Polish Mountain.  The orange SAAB has also been hillclimbed at Hershey Vintage Hillclimb.  Therefore, my experience enables me to answer any questions you might have on this beautiful yellow vintage SAAB race car.

One side note about the yellow SAAB: The Central Florida Region SCCA logbook was issued and signed by Ed Diehl who is a well-known GM factory 1960’s Grand Sport Corvette driver.  I have been honored to have Ed co-drive my orange SAAB at Sebring.

You will enjoy the ride in the yellow SAAB 93F!  Vintage SAAB’s are a blast to drive and spectators are enamored with the vintage “ring-a-ding-ding” 2-stroke spirit the car possesses!

Authenticity-wise, it might not be correct for every vintage club out there, but this 93F has a history and log books for SVRA as well as the SCCA. As far as rarity goes, Swedish cars like this really don’t show up on the race track all that much. Exclusivity usually comes at a price in vintage racing. This, though, seems to be an exception. Check out the car here on eBay where the starting bid is only at $4,950, with the reserve not met.


  1. Terry Jacob says:

    I’ve recently been telling people that 2-stroke Saabs are real sleepers for historic saloon racing here in England . What do we have here , in the USA ? A prepared Saab 93 . I heartily suggest someone buy this one ……………..

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