Unique Longroof – 1970 Saab 95 Wagon

Lg_800Surely there are prettier cars than this 1970 Saab 95 Wagon. Similarly we’d say finding a sportier vehicle than this old Swede might rank among the world’s easiest tasks. However if you set out to locate a more unique vehicle than this wagon, you’ll definitely be searching for a little while.

If you haven’t seen a Saab 95 Wagon for a long time–or ever–you’re certainly not alone. Most of these hearty little cars rusted apart long ago and were retired in favor of something newer, faster or prettier. Best case scenario for most 95 wagons toward the end of their lives was contributing any remaining intact parts so a (slightly) more sporty 96 could live. This particular example managed to defy the odds and skip the scrap heap presumably thanks to an easy and well maintained existence in the salt free Northwest.

Almost as surprising as the fact this Saab has survived over four decades in such nice condition is the claimed space for seven passengers. We’re guessing “tight fit” doesn’t even begin to describe an under-powered cruise in this 95 at full capacity. Having said that, we bet putting that theory to the test would still be a whole lot of fun.

We’re not going to call this a low mileage example–the listing contains some rather conflicting information about the mileage–but regardless of the miles it is clearly still a nicely preserved little wagon. It has been in the current sellers family since the eighties during which it served duty as perhaps one of the weirdest tow cars ever seen behind an RV. Now it is time for a lucky new owner to take possession of this unique little wagon.

Unlike many time capsule cars you see this Saab does not need mechanical repairs to shake off a few decades in the garage. This 95 Wagon is ready to go as it sits although the replaced engine is of unknown year and origin beyond the fact it is newer and has more power. Since we aren’t sure exactly how much more power we’d say as long as you aren’t in a rush to get anywhere this car is ready to go as it sits.

Currently bidding on this unique Saab is at $6,600 with a couple of days left. On the rare occasion when we see another one of these cars for sale they’re usually advertised for a couple thousand more than the current bid. Given the rare nature of this wagon we’d guess as long as the reserve is in line with asking prices of the few others we have seen for sale the car we’d bet it will soon find a lucky new owner.

Find this 1970 Saab 95 Wagon on eBay here.


  1. Looks like a Ford V4 out of a Sonnet.

  2. What is really unusual is that someone would write so honestly yet almost affectionately, and at such length, about such an unprepossessing vehicle. Whoever wrote this has a lot of imagination and must have very little to do.

  3. This who never spent any time around these cars probably will never get it….I grew up building, rebuilding, searching for parts in junkyards all over New England during the 60’s and 70’s….one really tough car. A true international rallye champ, Baja winner for many years and if I could find another I’d ditch my Jeep in a minute……I absolutely loved my old 850GT ….yes a 2 cycle but a screamer….I surprised many a Corvette driver going of the line and going around them in a corner…..but alas only for a few feet…I should add. Those were all Saab 96 versions, but the wagon the 95 was a lot of fun….boy could she haul a load!

  4. Nice post, before reading your post i have no knowledge about 1970 Saab 95 Wagon by your post i know a little bit,thanks to share this information.

  5. Terry Jacob says:

    Great little car , has a darned sight more style than a whole heap of modern rubbish .

  6. Charles Flesfader says:

    I find little gems like this Saab most attractive in their un-attractiveness. Never having seen one before, and appreciating cars that come out of left field, especially Saabs, Fiats, Alfas, even Goggomobiles and the Bubble cars. These cars have a real place in automotive history and I hope this example will find a good home.

  7. I have a similar car, sort of a powder blue color, all original Im selling soon…

  8. Helen Thompson says:

    The saab had an advanced anti-rust treatment applied to the metal before painting and survived one of the saltiest islands in the world. Ours certainly did not rust apart. We had ours for 22 years and Mum taught 4 of the 5 of us to drive in it. The above article doesn’t do it justice.

  9. John Weston says:

    I had one for many years. It served me and my family well. The steering was rather heavy but it had a large steering wheel to compensate. A particular joy was they way Saab 95 and Saab 95 owners used to flash their headlights in greeting on the high road, (You could even do this having overtaken a fellow driver by pulling the gear lever towards you and thus activating the reversing lights.)

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